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Our Lazer Maxx Laser Tag Experience


I had an extremely great time with my cousins when we went laser tagging last year at Lazer Maxx Laser Tag Arena, Eton Centris branch. I didn’t expect it to be so insanely fun.

We went there on a weekday so the fee was PhP 170 or PhP 180 per person per game (one game is 15 minutes long). We entered the Briefing Room to watch an instructional video on how to play laser tag, including the dos and don’ts. It was very helpful for first timers like me. Here are the reminders, as I’ve remembered.

  • Hold gun with both hands, or else it won’t work.
  • Running is prohibited (I went home with a bruised knee).
  • Don’t hurt your opponents.
  • If you get tagged, your phasor will automatically be deactivated for a few seconds.


Lazer Maxx Laser Tag Arena - Eton Centris
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After watching the demo, we were then asked to get our gears. We divided ourselves into two teams (red and blue) and I received the Condor gun. The electronic vests and hand-held targeting devices work in pairs and they light up with the same colors per team. These lights will help you identify your teammates inside the arena.

LazerMaxx Centris

So the game of laser tag is basically about scoring points by shooting or tagging your opponents using infrared beams. The catch is, you need to target certain points (the ones on the vests that light up) situated on the shoulders, in front, and at the back. You and your teammates can also get points by infiltrating your opponents’ homebase disc, which I totally forgot because I was busy tagging people.

Lazer Maxx Centris

So here’s what it looked like inside the laser tag facility. Good luck spotting your opponents inside a dark, 2-level maze-like battle zone. The glowing lights served as my guide; thanks to them I was able to watch out for ramps and obstacles. But these lights also made it difficult for me to find my opponents, forcing me to search for moving lights.

I was both excited and skeptical for the first five minutes. After that, I was all over the place — hiding behind panels, crouching to avoid being detected, finding better shooting angles, and laughing my head off during face to face combat.

Laser Tag Lazer Maxx
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Game 1 felt like the longest 15 minutes of my life. And I’d love to do it again and again. ♥

We played a total of two games and we switched teammates on the second round. I scored the highest – 9900 points! But my accuracy is only 4.8%.

LazerMaxx Laser Tag Arena Centris

Aside from the gym, Lazer Maxx Laser Tag Arena is the perfect place to get your adrenaline pumping. I suggest that you bring an extra t-shirt, a face towel, and a bottle of water. If you haven’t gone laser tagging yet, check out their Eton Centris and Greenhills branches to book your visit.


Lazer Maxx Laser Tag Arena
Eton Centris Walk

Published: 2014-09-01 14:20:45

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