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LINE Messaging App Introduces “Gangnam Style” Stickers


PSY’s new single, “Gentleman” is now hitting the airwaves and the whole world – along with many Filipinos – are all excited to see if it will also become a hit. The “Gangnam Style” phenomenon started last year as it soared to the top of global charts. It had more than 1 billion views on YouTube and had the most number of likes, becoming the first and only video so far to achieve those numbers.
In celebration of the new song release, LINE, a world-leading mobile messenger with social networking services, is set to offer PSY stickers (quirky and colorful emoticons) to its users, adding a little ‘Gangnam’ to their chat messages. PSY stickers consist of 40 diverse items, depicting PSY’s humorous expressions and gestures, and of course, including his signature horse-riding dance motion. The stickers are priced at USD 1.99 or 100 LINE coins.
“PSY has truly become a global pop icon, and he has especially captured the imagination of Filipinos of all ages,” explained Lee Jin Woo, General Manager of LINE Business Office at LINE PLUS. “We at LINE want to reach out to these fans through these stickers, and create a synergy between PSY’s worldwide fans and LINE’s global users. LINE will always be one step ahead of users’ needs, and we are constantly working to provide a wide variety of services to meet their quickly changing desires through our free app,” he added.

LINE Messaging App PSY Gangnam Style

Together with PSY’s sticker release, LINE is adding more K-POP celebrities to its current Official Account list of G-Dragon, KARA, and JYJ. New additions to the line-up will include CNBLUE, FTISLAND, Lee Min-ho, Miss A, Wonder Girls, ZE:A, 2AM and 2PM.
LINE Official Accounts allow fans to add their favorite celebrities on their friends list and follow their messages, pictures and even video and audio clips on a daily basis. Fans can also interact with celebrities in real-time during ‘On Air Mode‘ where the celebrities can read and respond to messages via text.

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LINE Messaging App PSY Sticker for free

“LINE works to extend and enhance users’ entertainment experience through celebrity engagement,” Lee Jin Woo explained. “We are committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of global users for a more fun and unique communication experience.”
PSY’s promotional stickers can be availed at the LINE Sticker Shop. The shop can be accessed by clicking the “More” tab or through the Sticker Keyboard by clicking on the “+” tab. If users receive PSY stickers from their friends during a conversation, clicking on the PSY stickers will take them to the Sticker Shop.

LINE has continuously introduced entertaining and interactive features like LINE Camera, Official Accounts, and even games that are currently leading the mobile SNS game market. The app is available for free at Apple’s App Store, Google’s Play Store, as well as on Blackberry, PC and other platforms.

I’m going to check out LINE’s official avatar community service, Line Play, wherein users can design their own avatar character, decorate their personal room and chat together with other users from all over the globe.


LINE Play Game App

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