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Lingerie Shopping Tips





Pink Ribbon Lingerie


Did you know that you should update your lingerie drawers at LEAST twice a year? Women’s underwear gets old and worn out with frequent washing, and by 3 months time there will be loose garters and threads. Regardless of how often you replace them, you should know the rules for lingerie shopping.



Victoria's Secret Brassieres


  • Get the right fit. The rule must be “look good and feel good” not “look good and feel bad”. Imagine wearing a bikini and crossing your fingers that it won’t fall off, or buying a really cute brassiere only to get disappointed that it’s a cup smaller. You won’t feel confident when something doesn’t fit correctly.
  • Consider color and tone – for both your underwear and your skin. You should know by now what colors work best for your skin tone. If red makes you feel and look extra sexy, then opt for varying shades of red. If yellow is one of your color foes, don’t buy items in yellow; or you may purchase lingerie pairs with yellow ribbon & lace details. This tip goes out for patterns and prints too. Choose what’s perfect for your body type.
  • Check the material. Cheap lingerie = cheap fabric? Expensive lingerie = Quality fabric? You decide. Always select quality fabric and durable material, whatever the price. Also consider if it’s comfortable, lightweight, and matches the occasion.
  • There are risks when buying lingeries online but being patient, reading feedbacks, and inquiring about the items can all help. Enjoy on a wide variety of corsets, babydolls, and chemises. Check return policies on everything you purchase online or in a store beforehand so that you can return whatever you decide against.
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Cute Lingerie


Here’s a list of Lingerie [Online] Shops where you can order sweet and sexy lingeries to spice up your boring days and lonely evenings.

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Published: 2011-05-19 22:58:17

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  1. OSeñorita

    I’ll go for expensive=quality lingerie. They lasts longer and are mostly more comfortable than the cheap ones.

    21 . May . 2011

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