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Make Brushing More Fun With Minions!


Our kids’ favorite yellow mini-villains are back! Despicable Me 3 will be out in the cinemas this June 2017 and what better way to welcome their much-awaited comeback than to grab a Colgate Minions Oral Care Pack! 🙂

My kids have gone BA-NA-NAS with Colgate’s new Colgate Kids Minion Toothbrush and Colgate Kids Minion Toothpaste. They were both excited to use their Minions dental gear after receiving their oral care pack last month.

My permanent teeth are all intact (with only a few cavities here and there), thanks to my parents who’ve educated me early on about the importance of dental hygiene.

Losing our permanent teeth would not only impact the way we eat but also affect our speech, appearance, and confidence among others. So in our household, it’s always a must to visit a pediatric dentist every 6 months and brush properly (including those hard to reach areas) at least 2x a day to prevent tooth decay.

But kids need more encouragement (brushing can be quite tasking for them, you know) so I’m giving you tips on how to make brush time, fun time.

How Can You Make Brushing More Fun For The Family?

  • Make brush time a fun routine. My kids have a schedule chart with visual cards that they follow everyday. For me it’s very important that they make brush time a habit so that when they grow up, they won’t forget to take care of their teeth. I also join them during brush time because you know how kids are, they imitate adults most of the time. “When mommy’s doing it, I should too! And it looks like fun!”
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  • Use yummy-flavored toothpaste. I don’t allow my kids to use adult toothpaste because they can’t tolerate strong minty flavors. The spiciness will only make them hurry and this will ruin the brushing experience. My kids love the fruity flavor of Colgate Minions Bubble Fruit Flavor Toothpaste for kids.


  • Use toothbrushes with cute and cool designs. Let’s admit that most of the toothbrushes for us grown-ups are B-O-R-I-N-G. If we are to encourage our kids to practice proper dental hygiene, we need to give them toothbrushes designed with their favorite cartoon characters. My eldest loves Minions so he’s enjoying the Colgate Minions Manual Toothbrush.

Z, my eldest, uses the Colgate Minions toothbrush for 5-9 years old who has now a combination set of baby teeth and adult teeth. My youngest, on the other hand, is using the Colgate Minions Oral Care Pack for 2-5 years old. The toothbrush is especially designed for toddlers from 2 years and older who have baby teeth and are developing molars.

The Colgate Minions toothbrush features <0.01mm* Slim Tip and ultra soft bristles for effective and gentle cleaning. It also has a small head for easy access to your child’s mouth, a unique soft tongue cleaner on back of the head, a comfortable thumb rest and non-slip cushioned handle for better control, and a suction cup for easy and fun upright storage. What’s more encouraging is that comes in a Twin Value pack!

You can grab these Colgate Minions toothbrush and toothpaste at Lazada:

Happy ba-ba-ba ba-ba-brushing and keep smiling! 🙂

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Disclaimer: This is my entry to Nuffnang’s ‘Make Brushing More Fun With Minions!’ blog contest. This is also a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Published: 2017-06-01 15:56:36

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