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Manolya Theme: Just The Way I Like It!




I fell in love with the Manolya WordPress Theme but when I installed it, my blog didn’t look exactly as the demo. Pfff. So, last weekend I dared to fix the errors myself.

The main page showed full content of blog posts, not the summary.  I tweaked a few codes and voila – excerpts are now showing! Next, I dealt with the thumbnails and it turned out good. Felt like I’ve accomplished a major task so having a few nosebleeds because of the codes didn’t matter at all.

Another problem solved is the Featured Content Gallery. Thanks to my dear husband for helping me with this, yet I give half of the credit to myself for my extensive research skills, or should I say “googling” ability.

I also found the perfect background pattern, thanks to Background Labs!

See, my blog looks almost the same as the theme.

Manolya WordPress Theme – Demo Screenshot

Purple Pieces

Published: 2010-08-15 19:51:39

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