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My Belkin Wishlist


Gadgets are part of my family’s daily routine. Our alarm clock was replaced by mobile phones. Digital cameras and high resolution camera phones have become staples for capturing memories. What’s more, part of my kids’ learning activities includes using a gadget or two.

Our treasured gadgets and gizmos would be of no use without seamless integration & accessories to back them up. That’s why Belkin, a recognized global leader in connectivity solutions, provides award-winning innovations such as accessories for mobile devices, laptops, etc., and as well as energy conservation products to consumers.

My Top 5 Belkin Products

Belkin PH by MacPower products are available at Lazada. Personally, I find it more convenient to shop online to avoid the holiday shopping rush. So below is my Belkin wishlist that I created from the website. Calling Santa, genie, fairy godmother.. can you please grant my wishes? 🙂

My Belkin Wishlist - Lazada

First in my list is this ultra-compact and portable Belkin MixIt 1.2 Meter Lightning Sync/Charge Cable in Purple. It charges and syncs my devices quickly and safely into any USB 2.0 port while I’m at home, at work, or on the road. Since I’m used to seeing black & white cables in every corner of our house, this particular purple data cable is sort of an ice breaker.

Well, to start off, I didn’t name my blog Purple Pieces for nothing. Indeed, I’m addicted to anything purple or any shade that is similar to it. It’s definitely one hellavu cable that I can finally call MY OWN. The best part? While I love seeing it with my other purple stuff, I can also mix and match it with other MixIt products to create interesting color combinations.

If I don’t have a purple cable in our pool of white cables, it would take a tad bit more effort to recognize what’s mine. Also, you know the colorful spiral thingies that can be wrapped around cables? They stain. Big time.

Belkin 1.2 Meter Lightning Cable Purple.jpg

Moving to #2, here’s the Belkin QODE Thin Type Keyboard Case for iPad Air. It’s made from anodized aluminum and I love its sleek and super thin (measuring less than 4 millimeters) design. Its responsive TruType keys help me type with accuracy whether I’m answering emails, chatting online, or writing blog drafts. The laptop-style keyboard also turns on and off automatically, thanks to its Smart Sensing technology.

All I need is to snap my iPad Air into the hinge, switch the keyboard on, then connect both devices via Bluetooth. With 79 hours of active battery life and up to 3,100 hours of standby, I can blog away for hours anywhere I am. Anything more? Yes, the cover lets me view my iPad Air at about 35 degrees (the best working position), and it protects my tablet without adding bulk.

If I can’t get my hands on this chic keyboard, I would be 1.) staring at the walls while I’m awake in bed late at night, with a million blog ideas running through my head, 2.) skipping to answer emails until I get home (just because my phone screen is liliputian), and 3.) thinking about it all the time because I know that I DESERVE to have one for being a superSAHM. 🙂

  Choconuts C&C by Crazy Crepes

Belkin Keyboard Case for iPad Air

This one’s for my husband. Aside from eating healthy, one of our goals for next year is to stay fit and trim. I can just imagine how he will enjoy his activities with this Belkin Sport-Fit PLus Armband for iPhone 6 Plus as his companion. Of course I’m his forever ultimate fitness buddy, but who would say no to this uber stylish and lightweight armband?

The straps are adjustable so his mobile phone stays in place and there is also a clear screen protector to keep dust and dirt at bay. Moreover, it also comes with a pouch to store keys and emergency bills.

Hubby can listen to his favorite playlist while he jogs.. he can track his runs and note how many calories he had burned.. without this, he’ll just have to stick with carrying a small body bag which often gets in the way. How inconvenient.

Belkin Sport-Fit Plus Armband

Belkin Road Rockstar 4 Port Family Car Charger Port 7.2A in Black. This may be the ultimate lifesaver slash boredom buster when we’re on the go. It can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously (how COOL is that?) — the main 2 USB ports are for the driver and the passenger, and the additional 2 ports with a 6ft cable [that extend to the backseat] are for charging 2 tablets simultaneously. Suitable for most vehicles charging 12Vto 24V, it provides optimal power to each port. It’s actually the best partner for road trip gadgets! We can watch movies, listen to music, and even play games while we’re off out of town.

There are several scenarios when all of our gadgets and cellphones are going to be drained out while we’re travelling — No mobile phone to use when we’re in trouble, children are more likely to throw tantrums, and we might all die from boredom. Yikes.

Belkin 4 Port Family Car Charger

My kids need cables. MORE cables because they insist on playing the iPad even when it’s charging (I know this may appear to be a minor/major hazard but the said scenario only happens when I’m not around). Cables are pulled, twisted, and stepped on most of the time. My kids are currently using my reserved [original APPLE] cable. It will also retire sooner or later, so I will need a replacement.

It’s a good thing though that Belkin Premium 1.2 Meter Lightning Sync/Charge Cable in Black is an Apple-certified (MFi) lightning cable, so I know that it’s safe to use. It’s also more durable with its braided cable jacket and comes in an elegant metallic finish. Other colors are available such as pearl white, gold, silver, and gray but black is my choice because I want it to always look classy and clean.

Without this ultra-compact cable, my kids can’t charge their iPad. No games, no educational videos, and no iPad apps. Poor boys. 🙁

Belkin Premium 1.2 Meter Lightning Cable Black
If you’re looking for better performance and high quality accessories for your gadgets, check out Belkin products in Lazada: These accessories also make great gifts to your tech-savvy friends. 🙂

Belkin PH by MacPower

How about you? What is your Belkin Wishlist? 🙂

Published: 2015-11-13 13:24:33

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  1. Jhanis

    Oh I’d like the Lightning cable! My original cable broke so I had to buy a new one. But since I’m kuripot I bought a generic one. Should have bought Belkin pala!

    18 . Nov . 2015
  2. Meikah Ybañez-Delid (@Meikah)

    Oh they have such cute designs! 🙂

    18 . Nov . 2015
  3. Pearliza Paguio

    I believe 3 out of the products in your wishlist is also on my wishlist! Yay! 😀 I love Belkin products.

    19 . Nov . 2015
  4. Maan

    You’re right; it’s really a must to take care of our gadgets! I learned it the hard way when I dropped my phone 6 feet off the ground and the screen cracked. Good thing it’s still working!

    19 . Nov . 2015
  5. Nilyn Matugas

    I, should I say learned it the hard way. I stepped on my phone. :((( So I wanted to make sure I take care of my next gadget when the new one comes…

    20 . Nov . 2015
  6. jem alvarado

    I like your list. Glad that Belkin products are available at Lazada so it will be easier to shop online.

    20 . Nov . 2015
  7. Melisa Sanchez

    Ang cute and ganda ng designs, Belkin’s product sounds good. Yeah kasama na talaga sa daily routine natn ngayon ang gadgets lalo na sa communication.

    20 . Nov . 2015
  8. mhaan arambulo-delos santos

    I would love to have the same Ipad keyboard kaso wala pa pala ako Ipad hehehe. Will do my own version of Belkin wishlist anytime soon. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    21 . Nov . 2015
  9. Mommy Levy

    Nice list. I hope that you’ll get them all.

    06 . Dec . 2015
  10. edel

    I love Belkin products especially the Black Mamba cord … its so sturdy!

    07 . Dec . 2015

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