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OMG Cracked Nail Polish in Maroon


I happened to pass by Landmark, Trinoma last month and I was intrigued by Klik OMG Cracked Nail Polish bottles on the display racks. I had to ask the saleslady about how it works and she sampled it on my nails. I was amazed how the polish split in seconds! Shatter or cracked nail designs were already out for a very long time and here I am, celebrating my “new” discovery. LOL. I thought that these designs are only done by professionals in nail salons! OMG nail polish, where have you been all my life?

There were a lot of shades to choose from but I opted for the OMG Cracked Nail Polish in Maroon. I snagged this for only PhP 35. The color is slightly similar to my ultimate fave Pussy Red by Caronia. I had to paint my nails for my cousin’s wedding during that time and I needed a classy nail design to go with my hot pink dress.

Aside from its price, I’m also loving the fact that it’s Toluene and DBP free so I’m confident that I can paint it on my nails while I’m pregnant.

OMG Cracked Nail Polish by Klik - Maroon


I tried on two base coats. The matte white is too bold, in fact it can pass as your blood-stricken Halloween nails. The second one is the silver glitter nail polish. I love the textures, glitter and matte, and it definitely looks better for formal occasions.

  ghd Scarlet Deluxe Collection

Cracked Nail Polish - Maroon


How does it work? First, you need a base coat. It’s basically the color that will show up underneath. Apply 2 coats and wait until the paint dries completely. Next, apply the cracked nail polish. This part is tricky. Super thin coats will appear as slight smudges and thicker coats will create less cracks. I only did one stroke at a time, no overlapping – in short, only one coat each fingernail. I made sure that I had enough polish sticking on the brush for each stroke to prevent coats that are too thin or too thick.

The key to sporting this polish is to pick the right shades that go together. Neons and blacks also make great combos.

Cracked Nail Polish in Maroon - OMG by Klik


My first try isn’t perfect but that’s the whole idea, it should exactly look like this – crazy, irregular, and flawed. 🙂

OMG Cracked Nail Polish in Maroon


Published: 2012-11-02 11:03:51

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