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Our Quest to a ‘Healthy’ and Happy Marriage


I believe that marriage is a constant work in progress so we nurture ours with attention, love,  and respect. My husband and I have been married for 3 years and we couldn’t have made it this far without commitment and everyday hard work.

Secret to a Happy Marriage
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One life aspect that we’re continually focusing on is health. We have realized that living a healthy lifestyle changes marital relationships for the better. Studies have stated that being in a relationship has more health benefits compared to not belonging in one (single or divorced), but we’d rather see it as a two-way cycle. It’s true that being happy in a relationship lifts up and boosts a person’s well-being (mentally, emotionally, and physically), but we can also never deny the truth that a person’s physical wellness contributes positively or negatively to a relationship as a whole.
Take for example our own struggles as husband and wife. Ray started to rapidly gain weight in 2010. He works in an office for 8 hours a day as a web programmer and when he gets home, he plays video games or watch movies. Over-eating and physical inactivity contributed to an increase in his cholesterol levels. I knew then that if we don’t change our sedentary lifestyle, it would become “Happily Ever Fatter” for us both.
I also had my own set of health concerns to deal with – anemia, fainting, and migraine. I’ve never really been among the ranks of women who are active and jumpy and sporty. In fact, I’m one of those quiet bookworms who appear to be “matamlay“, reading in a corner. The symptoms also tend to show themselves in other forms like extreme moodiness and irritability, making our journey as a partner harder than it already is. Plus, working as a full-time mom is a major energy zapper so I always feel exhausted and drained at the end of each day.
It was not so long ago when we both agreed to make some necessary changes to help strengthen our marriage. We started taking food supplements regularly, one of which is Circulan. It’s made of 4 herbal extracts (Hawthorn, Gingko biloba, Garlic oil extract, Lemon balm) that promotes proper blood circulation. Our lack of physical activity and high-fat food consumption have caused us circulation problems. If not treated, future complications including hypertension, stroke, and heart attack might strike us both. We’ve also made plans to exercise and go to the gym two or three times a week to help eliminate body toxins and improve our mobility, endurance, and overall physical health. Of course, we have also adjusted our diet plans, favoring high-fiber and low-salt meals over greasy and unhealthy food choices.
Physical health is only one part of the big scale that couples must work on and it will take a considerable amount of time and effort to get started. It is also not easy sticking to a certain plan because there will be relapses every now and then, but what’s more important is you don’t allow distractions, frustrations, and possible let downs ruin your goals as a couple.
December 2012, Pregnant with our second child 🙂


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