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Paul & Joe’s Mother’s Day Treat





Last Sunday I was invited to a Mother & Daughter beauty blowout by Paul & Joe Beaute at Rustan’s Makati. Aside from a beauty demo they also gave discounts! My mom couldn’t make it so I went there with my husband.

Paul & Joe Beaute became popular in France and Japan, and in February 2007 it was introduced here in the Philippines.  It started as a men’s wear company in 1995 founded by Sophie Albou, naming it after her two sons. Then in 2002, she launched the Paul & Joe Beaute – “a cosmetics line that faithfully encapsulates the brand’s philosophy of fun-loving sophistication.”

I really am in love with Paul & Joe’s Eye Color Primer and Eye Gloss N!

If you want gorgeous eyes in seconds, add these two babies in your beauty shopping list.

Paul & Joe’s cosmetics are made of organic ingredients to ultimately give moisture & healthy glow to the skin.


Paul & Joe Beaute cosmetics for my make-up demo


  • Protective Dual Foundation (Php 2,150)- A high SPF powder foundation for sensuous skin. A moisturizing and flexible makeup base with a meltingly soft texture which adheres gently to the skin, whilst protecting against summer dryness. Very long lasting and will keep your complexion looking bright all day long.
  • Moisturizing Foundation Primer #03 (Php 1,650) – Moisturizing primer for long-lasting make-up.
  • Lipstick N #13 (Php 1,175) – Lip color with a meltingly creamy texture and sheer, beautiful color covering.
  • Eyebrow Powder #02 (Php 1,550)- Through natural-looking gradation created by blending two different colors together, this eyebrow powder lets you draw a beautiful brow line at will. With a soft, moist texture, it creates natural-looking brows that blend well with the skin.
  • Highlighting Powder #002 (Php 1,550)Transluscent powder for hiding imperfections and highlighting areas on your face.
  • Face Color – Features two shades that you can blend or use individually to match your mood for the day or the look you want to project. Creamy texture and resulting true color all day long.
  • Eye Gloss N #02 and #05 (Php 1,100)- Whipped gel eye color with a fresh, wet texture. Sprinkled with sparkling frost that projects a wet-looking shine and lustre.
  • Eye Color Primer (Php 1,200) - An eye color base for upper eyelids, to be used on top of foundation. It brightens up eye colors and stays in place without caking, whilst banishing dryness in the delicate eye area.
  • Under Eye Concealer #02 (Php 1,440) – Creates a supple, thin coat that fits under eyes perfectly. This concealer is made especially for covering dark spots and shadows under the eyes.
  • Lip Gloss Lacquer CS in Baby’s Breath (Php 1,450) – Clear white/healthy beige, produces a natural, peaceful look as if cloaked in radiant light.
  Mutya's Raw Honey: 100% Pure from Sierra Madre

Chic and elegant French-inspired design only from Paul & Joe Beaute! Prices start at Php 1,000.00


Paul & Joe’s Alice in Wonderland Collection (Limited Edition)

Thanks to Maan and to the beauty staff from Paul & Joe!

And for the cupcakes too!


Click HERE for more photos

Published: 2010-05-12 23:59:24


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