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Philips O’Neill The Construct Headphones Are Made To Last


Headphones are susceptible to wear and tear, especially when you just chuck it inside your backpack after every use or when you recklessly leave it on top of tables and counter tops. To address the problem and to create more durable Philips headphonesPhilips and surf brand O’Neill collaborated to develop quality headphones that can endure extreme conditions. Included in the product line is the new Philips O’Neill The Construct Headphones (SHO7205BK).



The Construct is one of the most durable headphones you can find in the market today. It features an ultra flexible TR90 headband, meaning you can just bend, stretch, and twist it without deforming or breaking. It also has a tangle-free cable and metal-protected drivers to withstand hard impacts. It is definitely made for active and adventurous music lovers.

The sound quality is also top notch. It delivers solid deep bass with its 40mm drivers and the ear cushions are thick enough so that users can still clearly hear the music regardless of their activity. The ear cushions are also soft, making the headphones comfortable to use for long hours.

Philips O’Neill The Construct Headphones - The Construct Man


With the Philips O’Neill The Construct Headphones, you can take your music everywhere and revel with the durable and portable headphones that were made to last, to withstand, and to endure almost any circumstances. Visit Philips official website for more info:

Published: 2012-11-15 12:04:47

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