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Philips Products For A Promising New Year


Make your resolutions truly meaningful with this line-up of Philips products that will help you take on 2013 with comfort and confidence. You might have the same New Year resolutions as before, but with Philips, they become more attainable. This way, you can ignite the change you’ve always wanted and achieve your goals while still enjoying life to the fullest.

Philips AirFryer

Better health for 2013? Give up the grease while still enjoying fried goodness with Philips AirFryer. It lets you fry food without oil with its own patented Rapid Air technology, resulting in dishes that have up to 80% less fat compared to deep-fried food. Isn’t this a healthy great start?

Philips AirFryer

Philips SoundBar CSS5123

Do you wish to watch more films this year? The Philips SoundBar CSS5123 is a premium speaker system that utilizes Virtual Surround Sound technology.Its high fidelity audio promises a realistic movie experience and will allow you to fully appreciate a great movie from the comfort of your home. So get ready to catch up on all those all blockbusters you’ve been itching to see.


Philips SoundBar CSS5123

Philips Action Fit Earhook Headphones

Make music your fitness buddy, and work out more with Philips Action Fit Earhook Headphones. Get back in shape and work out to your favorite tunes is sure to help you finish tougher routines as well as bring out those good calorie-burning vibes. These headphones feature innovative and water resistant seals which make it sweat proof, and keep it protected from sweat-related damage. The earhook is washable under running tap water, allowing you to clean it after every workout.

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Philips Action Fit Earhook

Philips ProCare Straightener HP8339

Don’t forget your crowning glory! Create stunning tresses all year round with Philips ProCare Straightener HP8339. Investing in one makes you a hairstyle style pro. Not only does it straightens hair smoothly and efficiently, but it also protects hair from overheating with its Dual-Care plates. Constant temperature allows the user to straighten hair at a more caring and manageable temperature, yet still getting the desired style.


Philips Procare Straightener HP8339

Philips Saeco Royal Coffee Machine

Start brewing coffee at home rather than constantly purchasing from coffee shops, it’s time to spoil yourself and invest in the Philips Saeco Royal. Enjoy great-tasting coffee in the comfort of your home with this automatic espresso machine that’s highly customizable from bean to cup at just the touch of a button. The Royal enables the user to adjust every element of coffee including coffee length, temperature as well as strength or the amount of coffee to be ground, to get the desired taste, texture and volume. It also has an insulated milk container and cup warmer, offers large capacity containers and is highly ergonomic.


Philips Saeco Royal Coffee Machine


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