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Place Memory Art Exhibit at Boston Gallery


We were invited by my cousin to visit their exhibit opening at Boston Gallery last July 4, featuring artworks by Vigan-based artists. The exhibit is titled “Place Memory.”

Place Memory at Boston Art Gallery

We were able to get to our destination using my phone’s GPS. The Boston Gallery looks like a residential house turned into a gallery.

The title, Place Memory, is the term used by paranormal investigators to refer to manifestations of past occurrences being replayed and projected in the site where they happened. It is believed that energies of intense, repetitive and important events get trapped into the material of the place and then they are released when circumstances are right. The phenomena is also called the ‘Stone Tape Theory’ by American poet Robinson Jeffers.

Curated by Riel Hilario, Place Memory showcases the works of Ilocano artists. The artists were able to express those reverberations of recollection associated with a place of childhood events through their art. Working as if they are the memory sponges of time, the artists utilize nostalgia and transform them into expressions of personal history, embedded in the fabric of collective consciousness.

Each artist reconnects himself with the energies and images of the past, and the past re-manifests itself through his iconography and code. It was clearly a #ThrowbackThursday theme, but done in an artistic and tasteful manner.

Works by Brave Singh, Ferdinand Riotoc, Jay Hidalgo, RV Rivera, Pablo Zingapan, and Roel Salvatierra.

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These were the paintings on the second floor of Boston Gallery. This particular set reminded me of our art appreciation classes. My professor would show us a piece of art, then she’ll let us analyze and interpret it for a whole class period. 

There were food served for the guests (yay!), and we ate our dinner in a cute coffee area by the indoor pond.

I’m glad that my son came with us. It’s like a sneak peek of our homeschooling journey next year (if ever he’s not going to pass the exam in this DREAM school of ours), wherein I’m planning to take him to museums and workshops. He’s not into art (mana sa daddy!) but he was able to throw a few good questions about the paintings. And during our short stay, he’s already made friends with some kids there.

It was like a mini reunion for us and for kuya Roel. Unlike him, I wasn’t able to nurture my right side of the brain. I was right-brained to start with, then became middle-brained when I got addicted to novels (and started to prefer lyrics over rhythm.) I get to do DIY craft projects once in a while to quench my thirst for creativity. Para kunwari feeling artist, hehe.

Kindly visit Boston Gallery at 72 Boston cor Lantana St., Cubao, Quezon City. It is open Monday to Saturday until July 26, 10 am to 6pm. For inquiries please contact Rommel at the Gallery at 7229205.


Place Memory at Boston Gallery
72 Boston cor Lantana St., Cubao, Quezon City

Published: 2015-07-14 11:10:21

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