When Pokémon Go was officially launched here in PH, me and my family joined the craze and soon after, my eldest started bugging me to make a Pokémon bento box.

And so I gave in, but only 2 weeks after his request because I couldn’t quite imagine how I can make a decent Pokémon bento. But I did it, and I’m glad that I took up the challenge.


I’ve only done a few charaben before and I used bread for the most of them. This time for my Pokémon bento I also used white bread as my main because I find molding rice a bit intimidating to do for an amateur bento-maker like me.

So first, I used a piece of loaf and flattened it before cutting. I searched for some Pikachu photos online as a guide for the outline. After achieving the shape that I want, I spread margarine to get that sunny yellow color.

For the details on the face, I used seaweed sheet (ears, eyes, nose, and lips), cooked ham (mouth), cheese slice (eyes), and red vegetable noodles (cheeks). The red vegetable noodle was supposedly for the pokeball only, but I have no ketchup at the time so I just made 2 tiny spirals to make the cheeks.

Next, I brought out a heart-shaped silicone baking cup (which I bought from Landmark, Trinoma months ago) and filled it up with a bar of pink cake. I placed the heart on top of Pikachu so it kinda looked like something out of a video game.


I earlier planned to make poke balls using quail eggs but I forgot to grab a tray at the supermarket. Luckily I was able to make a substitute for it. For the poke ball, I boiled red vegetable noodles and placed them in a silicone muffin cup. Then I fried an egg and used the white as the bottom part of the ball. To make a separator, I cut the nori sheet to make a strip, and made a circle from the egg yolk.

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I filled up another silicone muffin cup with peanuts (my son’s favorite munchie) and placed it in the EasyLunchboxes lunch box. I don’t like seeing spaces in my bento so I poured chocolate cereals in all the spaces around Pikachu.


To further make my Pika-bento interesting, I added a few DIY Pokemon food picks. To do this, I used some of my planner stickers that I’ve downloaded from Planner Problem (Pokemon Go Deco free printable planner stickers). I cut out the first 3 Pokemon (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle), added a few Pokemon Go-themed icons (Bag, Egg, and Pokemon Go App on mobile), and then stuck each sticker onto individual plastic food picks.

I spent around 45 minutes to make this character bento but it’s definitely worth it because 1.) I’m a Pokemon fan and 2.) it has been one of the best bento boxes I’ve made so far.

I hope you like it! 🙂


Here’s a list of the food products that I used for my Pikachu bento box:

  • Gardenia Classic White Bread
  • Gardenia Twiggies Pink Cake (Tutti Frutti flavor)
  • Nestle Koko Krunch Cereals
  • Sugo Salted Peanuts
  • Windmill Gourmet Premium Cooked Ham
  • Heng Bing Yaki Sushi Nori Raosted Seaweed
  • Star Margarine
  • Danes Cheese Slices

Published: 2016-10-18 19:24:48


  1. Michi (@michisolee)

    Nice, the Pokemon is really cute. I don’t do bento box because my son is not into it, buti na lang because I don’t think I can do this. I don’t have the bento skills. 🙂

    24 . Oct . 2016
  2. Roby

    can’t wait to try this one when the little one goes to school! 🙂

    24 . Oct . 2016
  3. Nilyn EC Matugas

    Awwww! Pagka-cute naman ng bento box na ‘yan! That’s really nice, sis!

    25 . Oct . 2016
  4. Mommy Queenelizabeth

    That’s cute! I’ve been making bento baon before but i find it very tiresome esp.in the early morning.. maybe i should try doing it again even once or twice a week..

    26 . Oct . 2016
  5. gilian

    Love it.I just make simple bento boxes in the house for my kids snack time sometimes. The hours of making can really be long. Hahaha but really satisfying after. 🙂

    26 . Oct . 2016
  6. Liz Aquino

    That’s so cute! I was never a fan of Pokemon though even when I was a kid. It just didn’t appeal to me as it did to my friends back in those days.

    27 . Oct . 2016
  7. Juvy Ann

    So cute to eat. My youngest will surely love it, but I am not sure he will have the heart to eat it…

    27 . Oct . 2016
  8. Nerisa

    wow. I will definitely try doing this pikachu bento. Thanks for the easy to follow tutorial.

    27 . Oct . 2016
  9. Michelle D.A.

    Ay ang cute!!! 😀 Parang ayoko kainin kasi it looks like you’ve put a lot of effort on it tapos kakagatin ko lang si Pikachu. Hihi. I’ve never tried making bento boxes before but I joined an online support group in Facebook para when the time permits and gusto ko na syang itry, I can just head over to that support group for ideas and how-to’s for beginners. 😀 Your output is really cute. Congrats! Super effort! 🙂

    27 . Oct . 2016
  10. Maria Teresa Gregorio-Figuerres

    For a newbie, I’d say you did very well with your Pikachu bento box! I hope I can start creating my own bento box for my son’s school snacks and lunch, too.

    28 . Oct . 2016
  11. thecherylf

    This is really cute! I’m actually saving ideas on different bento styles so when my son is ready for school na, I’m also ready with baon ideas.

    29 . Oct . 2016
  12. Chessy

    Cute! I like that your bento has food from all the food groups! Ang galing!

    30 . Oct . 2016
  13. Celerhina Aubrey

    Ay ang gandaaa!! Huhuh.. Inggit ako. I hope I’m as artistic as you.

    30 . Oct . 2016
  14. Maan Laxa

    This looks totally awesome! You really have a talent. Unfortunately I don’t do bento at all – I hope I can try it sometime!

    30 . Oct . 2016
  15. Berlin

    This is fun to eat for sure. And though my son isnt a pokemon fanatic, surely he will enjoy this kind of preparation. His classmates will also go gaga over the baon. Hehehe

    31 . Oct . 2016
  16. rollcoastermom

    So nice! 🙂 I’ve only done bento once during a workshop. I don’t think I’d be able to keep up with it regularly. You’ve done a great job!

    01 . Nov . 2016
  17. Gracie

    Wow! You’re so creative mommy!
    I hope when my little zee goes to school na, sana magawa ko rin itong bento box (if time amd talent permits haha!) ?

    01 . Nov . 2016
  18. Rowena Wendy Lei 林露薇 (@animetric)

    Nice! I just don’t have the patience to make bento boxes. XD

    02 . Nov . 2016
  19. Anna “Mommy Anna” Plaida

    Wow its so nice,i don’t know if i can do a bento box wala me ka arts arts 🙂 and at the same time okay na sa kid no design n baon 🙂

    02 . Nov . 2016
  20. rolledin2onemom

    super duper cute! im going to try to whip up this one, my little boy will enjoy this!

    02 . Nov . 2016
  21. TweenselMom

    Very pretty and timely, sikat na sikat si pikachu these days!

    07 . Nov . 2016
  22. Cheanne

    So nice! I admire the likes of you who has the tyaga to make bento. Haha! I’ve tried it a few times and find that it’s too tedious for something the kids will just gobble up in a jiff. Haha!

    07 . Nov . 2016
  23. Migs&Alaine Alejandrino

    Too cute to eat! I have always wanted to learn how to make bento boxes but I don’t really have time. I get jealous whenever I see a friend post her creations.

    09 . Nov . 2016
  24. Teresa Martinez

    Oh this is just cuteness overload. I can just imagine how enjoyable it is for a child to eat with food served this way.

    14 . Nov . 2016
  25. mrsEnerodiaries

    Super love this post. I am a bento newbie and a pokemon fan as well. Ang need talga for bento is imagination. Gotta push myself to make bento more often para pag magschool na yong toddler ko, perfect na 🙂

    14 . Nov . 2016
  26. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    Super cute Pokemon Bentos!!!

    19 . Nov . 2016
  27. Louisa Mercado

    Such a cute idea! I think you did a great job! I love bento ideas and I wish I could do this. Maybe next year…

    21 . Nov . 2016
  28. mariaisquixotic

    I remember the hype of Pokemon Go! This is really so cute! I mean, I admire people who are really creative with food. I’m sure anyone who sees this will really feel bad if they have to eat the pretty food. I personally could not eat this cutie bento!

    31 . Jul . 2017
  29. nicolepaler

    ANG CUTE! Tryimg this out but with cheesewiz instead. And the pokeballs… How do you plan to donit with quail eggs? 😀 Never thought that simple ingredients can make such a cute charaben but there we go!

    06 . Sep . 2017

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