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Powerful Herbs for Better Blood Circulation


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Herbal remedies since ancient times help cure us of ailments, as well as protect us against infections and diseases. Some herbs, those that cannot be taken directly, are made into oils, teas, and in capsule forms as supplements. With the advancement of medicine research and technology, we are able to get the most of natural herbs and use them for our benefit.

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Some herbs are hard to acquire but most herbs are available in markets and groceries. I’ve listed 5 powerful herbs for better blood circulation and overall health that are available in your kitchen to help relieve aches and pains, prevent illnesses, and sustain a healthy mind and body.

Basil. The holy basil (a special variety of the plant) is said to effectively reduce stress. Its calming effect helps ease muscle spasms, thus relieving indigestion and minor headaches. Studies says that basil also inhibits the production of cancer cells, especially breast cancer. Start planting basil herbs in your garden and serve your family the healthy pesto pasta recipe.


Garlic. We use garlic in almost all of our dishes, especially us Filipinos, and some of us are also aware of its antibiotic properties. It helps kill bacteria and viruses, especially when eaten in its potent form – crushed raw. Aside from being an antimicrobial, garlic is also known to provide cardiovascular benefits. It helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, slows down blockage in arteries (preventing strokes), and prevents blood clots.

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Fortunately, there is a dietary supplement that contains natural potent herbs to help improve blood circulation.

Circulan is a soft gel capsule that contains Hawthorn Berry, Ginkgo Biloba, Garlic Oil at Lemon Balm– 4 herbal extracts that helps promote good blood circulation and over-all good health. It is a food supplement that has approved FDA benefits.


Mint. Peppermint is famous for its refreshing aroma, menthol. Menthol relaxes the airways and relieves nasal congestion. Mint is also effective against nausea and is a natural mental booster. It is regarded a special herb in the food and drink category, but its best purpose is for digestion. It activates the saliva gland and soothes the stomach. Its oil extract has a therapeutic effect and good for the skin.


Parsley. It makes a pretty garnish but there’s more to it than we know. Parsley is a diuretic herb. It helps regulate urine excretion and relieves bloating, thus preventing kidney stones and bladder infections. Surprisingly, it’s also a natural breath freshener and the essential oil can prevent hair loss when massaged onto the scalp. Moreover, it has beneficial effects to the immune system and nervous system as well.


Oregano. It helps strengthen our immune system. It has been effective in fighting cough, asthma, and bronchitis. It’s also packed with antioxidants and minerals. Fiber can also be found in oregano, which helps aid digestion. It’s best to eat the fresh variety to make sure you get all its vitamins and minerals.



Circulan Dietary Supplement

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