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The Launch of my Purple Pieces Online Shop


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I was able to launch my Purple Pieces Online Shop recently through continuous personal efforts. The original concept two years ago was far from what exists today, but nonetheless, I’m glad to have started this small business. Starting up was the hardest part but everything ran smoothly given that I had all the resources needed.

Purple Pieces Shop

I gave up the domain so I linked the shop to my blog. I’m using WooCommerce, a free E-commerce WordPress plugin, and also picked one of their premade templates for the site. I changed some of the theme’s features to make it look more like my blog and worked around with codes to edit a few functions. I also added plugins for the customer service part – chat bubble and feedback form. The outcome’s not bad actually, and I’m extra proud because I set it up myself.

I grew up wearing dresses for Bible meetings but my ultimate go-to outfit is a jeans and tee combo. My cousin, Julienne, wears dresses almost all the time and she influenced me to rekindle my love for them. So the original plan two years ago was to sell casual and vintage dresses, but unfortunately I can’t find the perfect dressmaker to do my designs. I’ve been to 3 dressmakers in the past but they failed to meet my standards.

  Pizza Niro's 30 Inch Pizza

Instead of just focusing on dresses and waiting for that right moment to come, I opened my shop and offered pre-loved items such as books and video games. I also update my shop with brand new clothes from time to time, whenever I get the chance to go to my supplier. I have so many plans (products to offer) but right now all I can do is take baby steps toward my goals.

This photo is a sample from my “For Sale” gallery. I purchased the white fitting form mannequin from Sfire Manika for PhP 850. I am no photography expert, but with Photoshop I can get decent photos for display. Please do check out my shop and tell me what you think – Purple Pieces Shop.

Fitting Form Mannequin Philippines

When I’m not using the mannequin for business purposes, I use it for fitting and styling. I bought this purple paisley dress below a year ago from Shapes but I haven’t worn it yet.

Mannequin for sale philippines


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Sfire Manika

Published: 2013-08-24 10:12:26

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