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RC Cola: Right Blend, Right Taste


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Royal Crown Cola, better known as RC Cola, has a unique heritage. Its first name was “Chero-Cola“, launched in 1905 by pharmacist Claud A. Hatcher of Columbus, Georgia, USA. In 1934, it was re-introduced with a new formula as RC Cola and enjoyed in over 60 countries since then.

RC Cola Products

RC Cola prides itself by using the right blend of ingredients to come up with the right taste for every bottle. Unlike other cola brands, it’s not harsh to the throat and stomach. It also has the right amount of sweetness, making it more suited for the Pinoys’ taste buds.

RC Cola drinks

With the crisp, satisfyingly delicious cola flavor, it is well-received and loved by kids, teenagers, and even yuppies. They are friendly and fun-loving yet simple, practical and confident in their choices, very much like RC cola’s brand qualities.

RC Cola soda

Refreshments like sodas and colas are part of our lifestyle. And for me, I need these refreshments to fully enjoy my meals with friends and family.

It is available in 5 packages: 240 mL, Mega 800 mL, Biggie 1.5 mL, Buddie 500mL, and 300 mL (in can).

RC Cola Philippines - Biggie


RC Cola Philippines

Published: 2013-07-14 17:42:08

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