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Rekindling my Love for Kinder Joy Surprise Eggs


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I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted Kinder Joy surprise eggs on grocery shelves late last year. For those who aren’t familiar with them, they are chocolate eggs with surprise mini toys inside. Kinder eggs hold a special place in my heart because my dad used to send them to me in bulk way back in grade school, inside balikbayan boxes. Now that I’ve become a parent myself, I’m surely passing on the eggciting tradition to my children.

My son had this big smile on his face after receiving his first egg. The overall [chocolate + random toy] appeal is a hit with the kids. Here’s what it looks like.

Kinder Eggs Surprise

So we opened the egg in half and much to my surprise, it looked different from what I used to have when I was a kid. One side contains the chocolate and the other holds the toy. The yummy chocolate is kind of melted but not runny, and in the middle are two mini ferreros (real Ferrero Rocher but less nuts and stuff). There’s also a spoon attached for scooping out the chocolate. Mess-free!

Below is a photo of how my Kinder Joy eggs looked like before. It used to be a thin shell made of chocolate. The outer shell’s made of milk/brown chocolate and the inside is white. When you break the shell, you will find a yellow or orange plastic capsule which contains the surprise toy inside.

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Kinder Joy Surprise Eggs

My eldest son regularly asks for his Kinder egg before I or my husband leave the house. We’ve gotten him more than 10 eggs already but each unboxing is a different experience for him (same egg, different toy!). You can get one for PhP 45 each.

Kinder Surprise Eggs with Toy

Kinder Surprise Eggs


Kinder Joy Philippines

Published: 2014-01-24 13:40:50

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