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Remembering Looklet




What happened to Last I remember it is an interactive fashion website – I can log in using my own username (Amethystine), my looks are all compiled in one page, and I have a bunch of hearts and followers on my profile. It broke my heart when I checked it out a couple of days ago, everything was gone, except that I can still play around with models, clothes, backgrounds, and effects.

Here’s the last message from the Looklet team:

“Dear Looklet User, on January 31, will take a new direction. Unfortunately, this means that the user community is discontinued including the user pages. Please save all material you want to keep from your page. We’ve had a blast with and we hope to see you all again.”



I love[d] Looklet. I even wrote a review about it on my other blog: Style your Virtual Doll at Looklet. Looklet’s one of the best in its kind. I’m sure millions of fans out there share the same feelings of loss & disappointment.

Fortunately, I saved most of my creations on Facebook. Here are my top looks:


Party Crasher - Looklet

Personal Shopper - Looklet

Black Hole - Looklet

Runaway Date - Looklet

Simply Achromatic - Looklet

Shot Ready - Looklet

Gold Streaked - Looklet

Dusk meets Dawn - Looklet

Spring Love - Looklet

Auburn - Looklet

The Gray Area - Looklet

Curfew - Looklet

Downtown Sophisticate - Looklet

Romanticism - Looklet

Wild West - Looklet

Published: 2012-09-03 10:34:41

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