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Reuse Ferrero Rocher Boxes



Reuse Ferrero Rocher boxes to give your sweet little trinkets a new place to hangout. 🙂


So here’s what usually happens when I receive a chocolate box, particularly a Ferrero gift box. I think that each box is beautiful and attractive on its own (yes, even without the chocolates) and that it would be a shame to throw it away.




Ferrero Rocher Jewelry Box



I turned mine into a trinket box, a jewelry tray, a jewelry organizer.. however you may call it. It can also be cool great cocktail ring organizer. By the way, I left the stickers on because I’m afraid to mess up the surface.

Ferrero Box Jewelry Organizer

My fancy jewelry collection goes in here. I do have a separate jewelry box for the genuine pieces.

Ferrero Rocher Jewelry Organizer


 Ferrero chocolates are consumable, mini treasures for me. I don’t mind receiving them ANYTIME in place of flowers. 🙂


Mother’s Day Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Bouquet from

Mother's Day Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Bouquet


SweetHeart Ferrero Rocher Bouquet from

SweetHeart Ferrero Rocher Bouquet


Published: 2012-10-07 14:09:58

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