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Revia Hair Color Cream Review in Cherry


My dark roots have already grown out so I need some sweet color touch-up for the holidays. So I’ve recently tried a new hair dye brand, Revia Hair Color. I was quite hesitant to dye my hair again (actually I was planning to cut my hair short because of dryness) but I don’t want to go back to black just yet.

Revia Hair Color by Verona Laboratories contains protein extract from wheat, which gives an intense and long-lasting color. I’ve chosen No. 08 (Cherry) to liven up my hair and cover up unwanted streaks of gold.

Revia Hair Color

My hair is an uneven dark brown and light brown color so I’m expecting a mix of the 2nd and 3rd coloration effect.

Revia Hair Color PH

The Revia hair color kit includes a coloring cream (in tube), an activating emulsion (in bottle), an instruction insert, a hair care balm (conditioner in sachet), and a pair of disposable plastic gloves. Although I have tried a lot of home hair color kits before, I always make sure to read the instructions first before dyeing my hair.

Revia Hair Dye

20-30 minutes after leaving the dye to settle, I washed my hair then used the hair care balm to stabilize and seal the color. It’s good for a few days’ use.

Revia Hair Care Balm

Here’s my BEFORE photo…..

The AFTER photo in Revia Hair Color No. 08 Cherry. My mom’s not an expert when it comes to color application (LOL) but I’m satisfied with the results. I only used one packet (should have used two for a full-blown color effect!) My hair halfway down has the most intense dark cherry red shade because it has been color-treated before.

Revia Hair Color Review

The color gets more vibrant under the sun but the shade is also gorgeous even when it’s toned down by indoor light.

Revia Hair Color Reviews

What I LOVE:

  • It’s non-drying. Amazing!
  • It’s not ammonia-free but the smell is not as strong. (Actually my hair smelled good!)
  • No itchy feeling. At all.
  • The 3D color effect. 🙂
  • Affordability: PhP 285 per pack

Revia Hair Color is now available in all Watsons stores nationwide. Check out Revia’s other lovely shades — Hazelnut, Dark Blonde, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Bright Blonde, and Platinum Blonde.

Will be posting my mom’s and my husband’s Revia Hair Color review next time. Thank you Revia Hair color for my home color kits! 🙂

Revia Hair Color Review Philippines


Revia Hair Color Cream

Published: 2015-10-27 14:31:43


  1. cris

    Just want to share my experience about this product, I bought this Revia Hazelnut in watsons today coz according to the sales lady who assisted me Revia would give my hair long lasting color so I chose it over other brands, while I was applying the product I was horrified with the strong smell it has which immediately irritates my eyes, I also felt a burning sensation on my scalp after putting the mixture on my hair. I ignored coz I don’t want to waste what I bought but after enduring the smell, watery eyes, have breathing difficulty and painful itchy burning feeling on my scalp I decide to rinse it. I checked the ingredients at the back of the carton box and I saw ammonium hydroxide written and I searched it’s actually ammonia isn’t bad for our health it also has resorcinol and other ingredients that are toxic please be cautious when buying any product even if it has good reviews online coz you’ll never know until you’ve tried it to yourself the first time.

    09 . Apr . 2017
    • Amethystine

      Did you have a skin test first? I usually do skin tests to make sure that I’m not allergic to the products I’m using. I haven’t had any bad reaction to this brand and it’s certainly one of the “mild smelling” hair dyes that I’ve tried. And before using any product, you should read the ingredients first, not after using it. And I didn’t mention anywhere in my blog that all products that’ll work for me will be good for everybody. Read my Disclaimer Policy.

      13 . Jun . 2017

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