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“Sadyang Pinasarap” Frabelle Foods



Frabelle Foods Longganiza Hamonado


After years in the fishing industry, Frabelle Foods entered the processed meats business and won the hearts of many food lovers in the country in such a short period of time. With the company’s dedication to excellence and product development, the people behind the brand believe that the taste imposed by tradition can still be improved and elevated to perfection.
“Ang lasang nakasanayan na, may isasarap pa”. Early this year, Frabelle Foods launched its campaign “Sadyang Pinasarap” featuring their brand endorser, Chiz Escudero. The senator has both the credibility and authenticity, two philosophies that the brand holds dear. You can watch the TVC here:

Chiz Escudero’s own version of Spaghetti using Frabelle food products during the launch.

Chiz Escudero - Frabelle Foods

Why choose Frabelle Foods?

  • They set a high standard for food selection. Only fresh, high-quality meats and natural ingredients are used.
  • They use old-world classic disciplines of food processing such as the natural smoking of meat and the blow-torching of sugar in hams.
  • They use modern technology (Fresh-Lock Freezing Technology) to keep meat and seafood products tasty and fresh.

You can guarantee that their meat and seafood products are safe because they have been granted an AAA accreditation by the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) based on its plant’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification and all of its products’ Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) certification.

  Cupcake Towers for Special Occasions

Here is the “Sadyang Pinasarap” product line to make perfect breakfast meals for your family. The Yummy! Combo Packs are only PhP 40.00 each, talk about value for money!


Using imported wood chips, Yummy! Hotdogs and Yummy! Cheesedogs are naturally-smoked, making them the one of the best-tasting sausages your kids will love.

Frabelle Foods Yummy Hotdogs

Frabelle Foods Yummy Cheesedogs


Longganiza Hamonado with its perfect blend of sweet, spicy, and garlicky flavors.

Frabelle Foods Longganiza Hamonado


Tender and tasty Pork Ham Tocino made from ham leg.

Frabelle Foods Pork Ham Tocino


Honey Ham – sweetened with pure honey straight from the bee farm!

Frabelle Foods Honey Ham


Everybody’s fave – bacon! Hickory Smoked Bacon with the natural goodness of smoked whole pork belly, mellowed with honey. Serve with egg and toast!

Frabelle Foods Hickory Smoked Bacon



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