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Science Fun Class at Gymboree Play & Music Trinoma


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Zaiel had his trial class at Gymboree Play and Music Trinoma last month. He was able to attend the Science Fun class on a weekend and Ray and I were both excited for him. It was his first time to participate in a classroom-like learning environment so I took all the chances I could get to document the experience.

Gymboree Play & Music has been around in the country for years. It’s one of the most popular play and learn establishments for children 0 – 5 years of age. Through their interactive programs and early childhood development strategies, babies, toddlers, and preschoolers develop the much-needed skills to succeed at anything when they grow up.

I love the play gym’s colorful interiors and the educators are very commendable. The teachers speak excellent English, from pronunciation to diction, which is a strict requirement on my part. I’m scheduled to visit a few preschools within the QC area this month and the next, and I really need to sit-in and see for myself if the teachers, the activities, and the environment will greatly contribute to my son’s development.

Gymboree Play and Music Trinoma

The class started with introductions. Since my son was a newcomer, they were introduced to each other one by one. At first, Zaiel was a bit shy and hesitant to participate. He later joined the fun due to our constant support and encouragement.

Gymboree Play Music Trinoma

They had a 20-30 minute play before the actual Science class. My son is a very impatient kid, but we were surprised to see him fall in line and wait for his turn during playtime.

Gymboree Philippines

After the ball throwing activity, they were all asked to return the balls into the bin – learning the “art” of tidying things up in a simple yet effective way.

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Gymboree Play and Music

The play and learn approach is very appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers. It’s part of the progressive learning theory that I’m carefully considering right now. I might choose to enroll him in a progressive school instead of a traditional one.

Gymboree Play and Music Philippines

Gymboree’s Science Fun class is a preschool science exploration program that enhances the child’s curiosity and develops inquiry, analytical and observation skills combined with fun, developmental skill activities. The lesson for that day was about Matter (Solid, Liquid, and Gas). They were shown how ice cubes (solid state) melt and turn into water (liquid) after pouring hot water on them.

In order for your child to join the classes (3-4 years old), you need to pay for an annual membership fee (PhP 2,000, with 5 gymplay coupons) or a lifetime membership (PhP 4,000, with 10 gymplay coupons, until child turns 60 months) at Gymboree. Then you will select a class – Science Fun, Music III, Art III, Sports, and Learning Lab II.

Rates for classes are PhP 3,600 (4 weeks, once a week, 1 hour), PhP 6,600 (8 weeks, once a week, 1 hour), and PhP 9,300 (12 weeks, once a week, 1 hour). You can also extend the duration for up to 48 weeks and choose the 5 times a week option, of course with higher rates and fees.

Gymboree Play and Music Classes

They were given activity sheets and markers. He wrote his name at the back of the paper. My proud mommy moment! ♥

Gymboree Trinoma

I helped my son with the activity. He still needs guidance when using scissors and glue.

After I’ve chosen a preschool for him and he starts having a regular school schedule in June, we might enroll him in a once a week class. I would choose from Learning Lab, Music, or Sports then get a time slot which will fit our family’s schedule.

Gymboree Rates Philippines


Gymboree Play and Music Trinoma
3rd floor at the KidZone Area in TriNoma

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