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Simple Nail Art Using Scotch Tape



Nail Art Using Scotch Tape



I did a simple DIY nail art yesterday using Scotch Tape and it turned out great. I’ve been wanting to try this project since I first learned about scotch tape nails on Pinterest. I usually wear plain colors so I thought about doing something out of the ordinary; something different but not at all complicated.

Here’s how to create a simple diagonal design without a trip to the salon. You will be needing two nail polish colors (preferably contrasting shades), Scotch Tape, and a Base coat/Top coat.

  • Apply a base coat. (You may skip this part if you want)
  • Apply polish #1. I chose a glittery, silvery-gold polish as my base color. I made 2 coats.
  • Let it dry for at least an hour. (Yes, an hour, or else the base polish will stick to the tape once you remove them)
  • Cut scotch tape pieces into 1 1/2 inch to 3 inches each.
  • Stick the pieces on your palm then remove – repeat several times. Less sticky tape = lesser chances of peeling the base color.
  • Apply the tape diagonally, leaving half of your nail exposed. Make a tight seal so no polish would run underneath.
  • Apply polish #2. I used a jade green color.
  • Wait for another 10 minutes or until polish is completely dry. Some tutorials say that the tape should be removed while the polish is still wet but I’d rather have it this way.
  • Remove tape then finish off with a top coat.
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I used my phone to take photos, sorry. x_x

Scotch Tape Nails


Caronia On The Go – deep jade green nail polish

Scotch Tape Nail Art - Caronia On The Go


 Etude House BR003 – Mix of silver and gold glitter nail polish

Scotch Tape Nail Art - Etude House BR003


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