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So Much for Glee


Charice Pempengco - Botox for Glee

Okay, it’s positive that Charice Pempengco will be joining Glee for the show’s upcoming season. Also positive are rumors that she had her botox and skin-tightening procedure in preparation for Glee. My goodness she’s only 18!

I really don’t mind where and how she wanted to spend her money and I understand her decision to jump into cosmetic procedures. Reports said she had a 30-minute Thermage skin-tightening (anti-aging) procedure and Botox done by celebrity cosmetic surgeon, Vicki Belo. These two procedures are suited for grown-ups, for mature women with aging skin. She should have chosen an alternative or a much more appropriate treatment for her age.

Her rep has made a statement saying Charice had Botox to help with her jaw problem. Her jaw does not bother me at all when she starts to sing. Oh well, so much for Glee.


The Thermage procedure is a non-invasive treatment which tightens and gently lifts skin to smooth-out wrinkles and define facial contours. – Belo Medical Group

Botox is a non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedure which uses syringes to soften worry lines, frown lines, laugh lines, crow’s feet and other dynamic wrinkles. – Belo Medical Group

Published: 2010-07-20 20:09:18

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