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Solo “Kenkoy” Collection & Online Model Search 2011





Here’s another cool collection from Solo, one of my fave fashion brands. 🙂





Last year’s first ever Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia featuring Larry Alcala’s Slice of Life was a big success. Many were thrilled as they took a trip down memory lane remembering the witty and playful comic characters of Alcala’s Slice of Life at the Sunday magazine.

SOLO brings out its 2nd installment of the Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia series. This time it features the greatest work of the Father of Philippine Cartoons, Tony Velasquez’s KENKOY.


Antonio “Tony” Velasquez, the Father of Philippine Cartoons, created Kenkoy way back in 1929.  Long before the era of the movie stars and showbiz celebrities, there already was a Philippine pop icon named Francisco Harabas, more popularly known as Kenkoy. As Tony Velasquez described him, “He is always pusturyoso”. He was a debonair and his trademark fashion sense was Western influenced: decked in suspenders, charol shoes, double breasted suit, baggy pants, a sailor hat, and a slicked back hairstyle.  Kenkoy is considered the most influential comic strip in the Philippines and most successful because of the wittiness and humor, as well as his antics, colonial way of thinking, and carabao-english. Kenkoy gained massive following that he was adapted into movies in 1950s-60s and musical act in early 90s.


To view the entire Men’s collection, click here and Ladies’ collection, click here.

  SOLO Larry Alcala Collection & Model Search

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Solo Kenkoy Collection - ladies batwing cropped graphic tee P545

Solo Kenkoy Collection - ladies striped gartered dress P1495

Solo Kenkoy Collection - ladies mid waist shorts fatigue double buttons P995

Solo Kenkoy - His&Hers black striped graphic tees P695 mens

Solo Kenkoy - dogtag necklace P445


SOLO Online Model Search 2011

SOLO’s best known for doing cool innovative online launches and the first ever online model search in the country. To celebrate Father of Philippine Cartoon Tony Velasquez’ Kenkoy, Solo brings you the much anticipated and bigger Online Model Search 2011.


After the successful launch of Jaggy Tallada and Jhonna Flor as 2010’s grand winners and Mehran Khaledi and Phoebe Rutaquio as 2011’s grand winners, we are now on search for two new faces of Solo to be officially unveiled in 2012.


Check out for contest details.

Published: 2011-08-27 22:47:38

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