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Starting on Our Own



Dream House

This is our dream house and no, we’re not living in it – yet.

It’s every couple’s dream to start building a family on their own. We already have a kid and right after he was born I told my husband that I want to live on our own – either we rent an apartment, or we buy/build a house. Even my parents and my lola suggested before that we should try to live on our own, and that’s exactly what we wanted.

For the past year I’ve been asking my mom from time to time to find an affordable apartment in QC but with no luck. One time, my son’s yaya overheard us talking and mentioned it to my lola. It was a perfect timing that her friend offered her a low-priced apartment just across the street. I didn’t have to think twice when I saw the place. There were also a few people interested so I sealed the agreement right away.

It’s a 2-bedroom, 2-floor apartment. It’s one of those old-style apartments – spacious with wooden floors on the 2nd floor. This is my first time renting and it feels strange. Now in our 3rd week, I’m getting used to ALL of it, including bad odors in some portions of the house. I had to buy home fragrances and spray Lysol regularly. We’ve also painted the walls and the closets white to lighten up the place.

For a start, we only have a desktop computer, a laptop, a wooden closet/cabinet, a bed, a dish organizer, a flatscreen LED TV, a home theater system, and a few plastic containers. I had to go to our family house to borrow furniture from my mom and dad for the living room and the dining area. I’m thankful that gifts during our wedding day are now in use. And I’m one lucky daughter because my mom is generous enough to give me some of her Tupperware collections and stainless steel cookware, and luckier still that my dad is offering me his framed paintings, home decos, and abubots straight from his storeroom.

  Weaning Time for Baby Zaiel

Having our own little space means being able to control everything. I’m happy and excited at the same time that we’re building our dreams day by day. Architecture and interior design are my first loves so I really enjoy decorating the house. I have to remind myself, though, that it’s not officially OUR house, so I won’t become attached with it in any way.

I still can’t find my digicam so please bear with the photos. I won’t be showing full photos around the house for privacy purposes. 🙂 This is my deco mirror daddy gave me when I was a teen. It’s one of the items I treasure the most.

Deco Mirror


Each room has a closet and they’re both big. The photo shows only half of one. My husband and I have separate closets now yay! I can hang all my clothes if I want to. My future walk-in closet can wait. 🙂



We recently bought an ELBA free standing gas range with an oven and grill. My passion for eating and cooking made me decide to get this. The size is also perfect for our teeny-weeny kitchen. I’ll be wishing for a larger 6-gas, stainless body cooker once I have my very own kitchen.

ELBA cooking stove



Published: 2011-10-26 10:08:44

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