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Stretch Mark Creams and Home Remedies



These are my childbirth’s legacy. Nasty? Yes. But these battle scars remind me of the most wonderful and miraculous experience I’ve ever had in my life.


Stretch marks are caused by the rapid stretching of the skin triggered by weight changes. When you’ve lost or gained weight in just a short period of time due to puberty, pregnancy, extreme dieting, or an illness, your skin might not be able to catch up.
Mine actually appeared as reddish lines below my navel when I got pregnant for the first time. At first I thought they were just lines from wearing tight undies and jeans and I panicked when I found out that they were actually “the evil ones” I was dreading for. Nevertheless, I never faced the dilemma unprepared.
I envy those people with blessed genes who don’t have such scars. I mean, it’s so unfair. But then again, people [women] are different in so many ways and I just had to admit that I wasn’t lucky in this area. So when I realized early on what’s about to come, I stocked up on moisturizing lotions, stretch mark creams, tummy butters, and oils to at least help minimize and control the appearance of my stretch marks.
I used Grape Seed Oil, Nivea Moisturising Creme, and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter. I bought the Milea All Organics Grape Seed Oil  from the grocery section for about 100 – 200 bucks. It was easily absorbed by the skin and I always felt the need to re-apply after a few hours. The Nivea Soft Intensive Moisturising Creme was actually my husband’s remedy for his dry and calloused feet. Its rich and creamy consistency moisturized my tummy for long hours. The third one is Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E, a specially formulated tummy butter to soothe and relieve stretch marks. It smelled good and it lived up to my expectations as well.

Stretchmark Creams - Palmer's Cocoa Butter

I also used Avon Naturals Hand and Body Lotion in Apple and Honeysuckle to moisturize my whole body. I loved its fresh and sweet apple scent.

Avon Naturals Hand and Body Lotion - Apple & Honeysuckle

What I’m applying on my tummy right now is the Bath & Body Works Velvet Tuberose Body Butter. Tita Grace gave this to me this year and it’s perfect for my dry skin. It’s easy to apply and not very sticky. I can also feel that my tummy becomes more elastic. I’m not a fan of the strong floral scent, though. I’ll be purchasing body butters once I’ve emptied this tub.

Bath & Body Works Velvet Tuberose Body Butter

The secrets to minimizing stretch marks are skin hydration and 24-hour moisturization. Drink plenty of water and apply topical lotions and creams all over your body. I remember that I also tried using my grandma’s Delon Intense Moisturizing Coconut Body Butter. I was addicted to the coconutty aroma and it really softened even the driest skin.
It’s up to you to choose between all-natural products and products with artificial ingredients. But I suggest that pregnant moms try to steer clear of harsh chemicals as much as possible. You can use natural oils such as coconut and olive oil. As for me, I just use what’s available in my beauty stash.
You can also use moisturizing soaps to double your chances of preventing stretch marks. Right now I’m considering By Nature Handmade Soaps, the Milkenhoney and Olive Beauty soap variants. Both are 100% natural and unscented.


Published: 2012-11-12 08:41:03

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