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Stylish Medical Scrubs




Unlike before, medical professionals nowadays can freely express themselves with fashionable and stylish medical scrubs and uniforms. I remember going to hospitals and noticing the plain, eerie atmosphere. I’m also used to seeing plain scrub uniforms the doctors and nurses wore. But recently when I went to a drug store, I was surprised to see pharmacists wearing their colorful, printed scrubs.


Printed Medical Scrubs



You can purchase hospital scrub uniforms when you go to uniform stores in your area. They usually specialize in scrubs in all sorts of patterns and colors. You can also do an online search and choose from a long list of sites that offer great scrubs in different colors, prints, and designs.

The famous Baby Phat line also have designer medical scrubs and there’s even a stylish collection of professional medical scrubs influenced by the talented and stylish actress, Katherine Heigl and it is created by Peaches Uniforms. You may also check this site for a selection of great nursing uniforms and scrub sets:


Breast Cancer Awareness Medical Scrubs


DIY Scrubs: Unleash your creativity and add your own special touches. Take a plain, cheap pair of scrubs and turn them into a trendy scrub set that’s totally you by adding fun borders along the end of the sleeves and cuffs, or maybe sew a fun patch onto the shirt.


Medical Scrubs and Uniforms


Healthcare with a flair!

Zebra Print Medical Scrub


Betty Boop Cherokee Medical Scrub


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Cherokee Medical Scrub - Winter Fashion


Dickies Medical Scrub

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