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The Sweet Luxury Of Seven Absolutely Amazing Candy Flavors


Everyone loves good candy. The popularity of candy buffets is not a surprise to anyone. Since the old-fashioned days of the neighborhood candy store, children of all ages have loved browsing the colorful selections, enjoyed the mixture of aromas, and the different textures available of sweet candy. The candy buffet brings the candy store to your guests and creates a wonderful atmosphere of celebration.

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If you are planning a candy buffet for an event or party, you will need a great online bulk candy store. You will want a supplier with a huge variety of popular candy along with a few candy secrets that you are anxious to discover. We have linked you to such an online bulk candy store, and now we will share with you some wonderful candy that you may not be aware of. Each of the selections mentioned is highly rated (4-5 stars) and available in bulk supplies, usually in 3-pound or 5-pound bags. The candy is bulk shipped (to save you money) to the location of your choice. Please order your candy at least two weeks before your event and specify the date you will require the order. This allows you time to set-up your candy buffet.

Creating an elegant and tasteful candy buffet. Putting together a candy buffet is not a difficult process. However, if you want a unique and chic candy buffet, there is more to it than the candy selections. Be selective with the vases or jars you will use to stage your candy. Beautiful French jars will highlight the table. Consider a round table instead of the normal oblong table, Mix textures of dishes and candy for a more interesting look. Match the colors carefully. With a candy buffet, often, less is more. Use vintage dishes and trays and fill in empty spots with candles, small flowers, or even feathers. Be selective with your tongs and scoops. These small details will make a huge difference.


You should limit your candy buffet to two or three colors and layer different hues of the same color for a deep look. If you are going for an elegant, sophisticated candy buffet, use cream or ivory as one of your colors. This serves as a base color and allows the other colors to bring the wow factor to the table. It gives you a look of elegance without going too far. Use clear decorations on any table to fill in without disturbing the color scheme.

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Amazing Candy

Black Jordan Almonds. Fresh almonds covered in a shiny, black candy shell is elegant for any event, even a wedding. The taste is superb. These kosher candies are available in a variety of colors.
Original Gourmet Lollipops. Original Gourmet, cherry cheesecake lollipops are a sweet surprise. They are individually wrapped and marked “Original Gourmet”. If cherry cheesecake is not your flavor of choice, Original Gourmet Lollipops come in other flavors. (again, available in various colors and flavors)
Coffee Rio Caramel Candy. Everyone loves rich Colombian coffee. This hard candy is a delightful mix of creamy caramel candy and rich Colombian coffee. It is highly rated and there is a second option for coffee lovers, “Coffee Delight”.
Primrose Coffee Bon Bons. This mouth watering hard candy with a coffee kick is a delightful taste that you cannot get enough of.
Lovely Chocolate Swirl Caramels. Individually wrapped rich caramels with a ribbon of creamy milk chocolate. Delicious!
Colombia Butterscotch Disk. This is a taste that has thrilled candy lovers for generations. The creamy butterscotch candy is wrapped in golden wrappers.

Sweet Services perfect DIY candy buffet infographic – An infographic by the team at Sweet Services online candy store


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