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Sushi Binge at Tempura Japanese Grill


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After a tiring work week, we dined at Tempura Japanese Grill, TriNoma branch last Friday. I wasn’t in a good mood when we entered the restaurant. Good thing they served us warm tea to relax and calm my nerves. My hubby got himself seafood soup and mixed sushi while I ordered two varieties of maki ’cause their sukiyaki wasn’t available.

Our first order – Ebi Salad Maki. Rolled maki with mango and asparagus topped with shrimp salad lightly rolled in ebiko, nori flakes and sesame seeds. I like how the sweetness of the mayo blends with the asparagus and the shrimp. An excellent alternative to your typical salad!

Ebi Salad Maki (PhP 160) – 8 pcs

Uncle Sam’s Maki is rolled maki with shrimp, Philadelphia cream cheese, cucumber strips and mango topped with bacon and mayo. I found the sour mayo is way too overwhelming that’s there’s little room for other taste buds to work in my mouth. I say, to better appreciate the Philadelphia cream cheese – which should be the highlight of this dish – they should cut the mayo in half.

Uncle Sam’s Maki (PhP 185) – 8 pcs

Temari Sushi – Ika, maguro, sake, ebi and kani balls stuffed with crunchy salmon bits. The term “temari” means “hand ball” in Japanese.

Nothing is more adorable than these mixed sushi in balls. I assumed my husband knows that pregnant women must avoid raw meat. And I also assumed that he well knows that my comfort food is tuna sashimi. I’m pregnant and I haven’t eaten any sashimi for 6 months. It was too late to resist – I chowed down the kani and the maguro balls! The crunchy salmon bits inside surprised me. 

Temari Sushi (PhP 105) – 5 pcs


Japanese food terms FYI:

  • Tempura – a dish made by deep-frying vegetables, seafood, or other foods in a light batter
  • Maki – rolled sushi; which includes sashimi, rice, and nori among other ingredients
  • Ebi – shrimp; cooked prawn
  • Ebiko – shrimp eggs
  • Nori – a type of dried seaweed used to wrap sushi
  • Ika – squid
  • Maguro – tuna
  • Sake – salmon (as referred to in this blog post; other definition is Japanese rice wine)
  • Kani – crab meat


Tempura Japanese Grill
Trinoma Mall, North Ave cor Mindanao Ave., Quezon City

Published: 2009-09-15 23:23:00

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