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The Great Brazilian Madness Sale 2015 in Trinoma


I missed the Great Brazilian Madness Sale last year so I made sure to go to one of the grandest shoe sale this year just to check it out. My forever shopping buddy – my mom – tagged along and we had a shopping experience that’s definitely one for the books.

The Great Brazilian Madness 2015 Trinoma

The long line was bearable last Friday afternoon even when the crowd was already pouring from all directions. I let my mom wait in line while I shop at The Row using my Stylist in Pocket vouchers. When I came back, my mom was nowhere to find.. Yun pala she’s already inside the cordoned area. Upon entering, they stamped my arm because I was wearing my old Ipanema slippers.

The Good: Everything is worth PhP 500 and below, and cashier lanes were organized.

The Bad: You know what the SALE label can do to people. Yung iba talaga barbaric na. Saktong sakto, madness sale nga talaga! I remember one of the organizers carrying a large box. Hindi pa siya nakakarating sa shelves, ubos na yung laman! Sandals and shoes were flying and falling all over the place. Yung ibang mga babae kung maka-balya akala mo mga football players at kung makahila ng sapatos parang nasa tug of war! LOL. Pero bakit nga ba ako mag-iinarte, ginusto ko naman pumunta doon dahil sale. I survived the MRT for 4 years, eto pa kaya! 🙂

All in all, it was both a frustrating and a funny experience for me and my mom. 🙂 Watch out because we might come prepared and ‘armed’ for the next round. Hahaha!

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We found this jewel of a pair from the shelves (yung tipong tira-tira na lang!) It is my sister’s size. Grendha is love! 🙂

Grendha Sandals Philippines
Original Price: PhP 1,595
Sale Price: PhP 400

Ginga slippers are one of the sturdiest and comfiest rubber slippers out there. Mas affordable pa compared to other popular brands. Sulit na sulit! 🙂

Ginga Purple Slippers
Original Price: PhP 450
Sale Price: PhP 150

We found this navy and gold slippers lying somewhere. Perfect for my mom. 🙂

Ipanema Slippers Sale
Original Price: PhP 1,295
Sale Price: Php 300

The shelves in the middle were jam packed with sneakers. My mom grabbed this cute black sneakers for Lexeen for only PhP 500. 🙂

Victoria Ballarina Atado Black
Original Price: PhP 2,795
Sale Price: PhP 500

No Grendha for me, huhu. But I found my happiness with these Victoria sneakers, and at least walang nag-aagawan sa sneakers area. They are made from 100% natural cotton grown in Spain and natural rubber. I am investing in neutrals so I got the Tan. I freaked out when I realized that I’m getting a size 9 (I’m actually a 7 or an 8), but I want more wiggle space for comfort. 🙂

Victoria Ballarina Atado Piedra
Original Price: PhP 2,795
Sale Price: PhP 500

Another pair of sneakers, but in grey. The fabric was stained but I still love it. Dirty sneakers are more appealing, diba? 🙂

Victoria Ballarina Inglesa Lona Beige
Original Price: PhP 1,995
Sale Price: PhP 500

We were EXHAUSTED so we had some dumpling laksa from Paotsin. A bowl is around PhP 60 and we’re satisfied with its flavorful curry soup. Then my mom went back twice to check if there are more items available. She scored a comfy Rider pair in teal.

Christmas shopping has started and I’m so excited to shop ’til I drop this holiday season with Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales! Celebrate Black Friday & Cyber Monday at ZALORA Philippines! The rest of my shopping sprees will be online, because compared to traditional shopping, online shopping is fast and hassle-free. 🙂

Birds of Prey Manila Ocean Park
My sissy and I donning our Victoria sneakers at Manila Ocean Park.

Published: 2015-10-18 16:33:27

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