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I’m One Happy Planner Girl with The Happy Planner


I love my Passion Planner [free printables] but I want to try a new planner, something chic and exciting for 2016.. so I got myself a MAMBI Create 365 The Happy Planner!

MAMBI The Happy Planner Best Days Kit

I haven’t tried ordering online from Canada so I pre-ordered my The Happy Planner 12 month box kit – Best Days from Saffy Tenten. The shop was recommended by some planner gals in one PH planner community. I first checked Amazon for Happy Planner stocks (and have it shipped via My Shopping Box) but I’ve read negative comments regarding the condition of the boxes.

My box arrived a month after my pre-order date. The Happy Planner box kit includes:

  • 1 – 12 month non-dated Happy Planner
  • 4 sheets of stickers that will help you add the dates and months to your planner & tabs
  • 1 pocket folder
  • 3 magnetic bookmarks
  • 5 sticky note pads (20 sheets each)

My first choice was actually the Stay Happy box kit, but I hesitated the last minute because I think it’s too “princessy”. I finally gave in to the Best Days box kit because it’s more powerful-looking & straightforward (can’t really find the right words here!) I also love its bright colors compared to Stay Happy’s softer tones. Beautiful photographs and inspirational sayings also fill this 12 month planner!

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The magnetic bookmarks, sticky notes, and stickers match the theme perfectly. I’m excited to use a planner that’s well put together!

Hot pink and black combo is honestly not the best representation of my personality but it kinda connects to a facet of myself — black (neutral, classic, boring, dark) and [hot] pink (feminine, intense, bright, playful). I tend to drift on either side of these two extremes.

Happy Planners usually have a laminated cover and a Hello dashboard. I haven’t written my name on it until now because I’m still hoping that by some miracle I get to write my name PERFECTLY.. like my life depended on it. Calligraphy is in my to-learn list, and since I haven’t started yet, I just bought a personalized cling stamp from Little Miss Helper, so I’ll just have to stamp my name on the blank… but I haven’t bought ink pads yet. So saaaaaaaaaaaaad.

The Happy Planner is an expandable, creative planner system that combines the love of creativity with  the need for organization. It’s my first time to use a disc-bound planner system so when I got to take a good look at it, I was overjoyed! I think the discs are enough to make someone’s mood sunny.

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Planner dimensions: Covers – 7.75” x 9.75” and Pages – 7” x 9.25”. Almost the same size as the iPad Air, only chunkier.

The Happy Planner Dashboard

Here’s a closer look to at the discs. Each disc has a heart cut-out. Cutest! #EmbraceTheDiscs

The Happy Planner Discbound System

For the initial setup, I placed stickers on the laminated divider tabs. There’s also a monthly page before each divider for important dates, goals, and to-dos. 

Happy Planner Unboxing

And here’s the monthly calendar. I rarely use these pages because I favor the weekly sheets, but we’ll see. I might just use these for homeschooling since my notes won’t fit on the weekly spreads. 

Box kits are undated, so I’m always free to start whenever I want. But of course, January is still the best time to write on a new planner. There are also 4 color schemes — aqua, golden brown, dark turquoise, and pink. 

The Happy Planner Undated - Monthly Spread

My favorite pages — the weekly spreads! The 5 original happy planner designs have the morning, afternoon, and evening placed on each header space.. but in box kits, they’re all on the side. It’s actually a good thing because I don’t always follow the morning to evening categories. There’s also a sidebar on the left, perfect for jotting down or sticking just about anything I want in there.

A vertical layout suits my planning style simply because it’s easier for me to check my tasks from top to bottom. Each box in the weekly calendars is about 1.5″ x 2.25″ (the Happy Planner box size including the header, is 1.5″ x 2.50″). I’m trying to make my own stickers for these boxes now, and soon I’ll be posting free printables! 🙂

The Happy Planner Undated - Weekly Spread

The back part has a Notes page and a pocket folder.

The Happy Planner Pocket Folder

I often shop for planner stickers (mostly printables) in Etsy. I found this owl kit by Alakazoo Designs and it’s perfect! I love the color combination and the kit perfectly goes with my owl washi tapes that I bought from SM Stationery.

This is my first decorated weekly spread. My design still looks unsure in some parts, but I’m sure that I’ll get there. 🙂

Happy Planner Owl Kit


I still have a long list of items that I want from Me & My Big Ideas. *faints* Here’s my BAKET list (baket kailangan mo pang bilhin? — thanks to a member of the PH planner community for the pun!)

I highly recommend Saffy Tenten online craft shop. I’ll be ordering from them again. 🙂 They also carry products from brands Heidi Swapp, Project Life, Webster’s Pages, and Hero Arts.

Saffy TenTen Online Craft Shop


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