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My Tony and Jackey Digital Perm Experience


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Tony & Jackey - Stylist: Seven

Last March 21, I’ve decided to undergo a hair makeover, a digital perm to be exact, at Tony and Jackey Salon in SM City North EDSA. I’ve been wanting to try a perm to make my limp hair look fuller and thicker but I haven’t got enough guts and courage to do it.

Tony and Jackey digital perm treatments cost PhP 3,000 to PhP 5,000. I availed their Loreal Setting Digital Perm with Hair Cut plus Treatments (Package D) and Seven was my Korean hairstylist. They recommend Loreal digiperm for first timers because it uses a milder formula and does less damage than the Aqua Setting Digital Perm (Package B).

My color-treated, straight hair before the digiperm (not rebonded).

Tony & Jackey - SM North EDSA Annex Branch

After the layered haircut.

Bangs Tony & Jackey - SM North EDSA

“A digital perm is a perm which uses hot rods with the temperature regulated by a machine, which has a digital display, hence the name. However, the process of the perm is quite analogous to that of a traditional perm. A normal perm basically requires only the perm solution. A digital perm requires a (different) solution plus heat. This type of perm was developed in Korea, and now popular in both South Korea and Japan and other countries.” –

I don’t like small, kinky curls and big curls lose their effect faster. So I had medium curls. Medium curls get bigger after a few months.

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Digital Perm - Tony & Jackey

Here are my curls after 4 hours. They told me to wait for 72 hours before washing my hair. To my dismay my curls got straightened out after three days, but after washing, the curls were back.

Tony & Jackey - SM North EDSA

It took me a month to get used to my new hairstyle.



Care Tips for Curly Hair

  • Twist and scrunch. Twist your locks then scrunch them upwards. You do this when you’re in the shower, when drying your hair, and when putting hair creams on.
  • Ditch the brush. I’ve had no problem with this because I don’t brush my hair often even when it’s straight.
  • Curly hair may appear “buhaghag” at times but you’ll get used to it. If you want your tresses tamed, apply a small amount of anti-frizz hair cream.
  • I use Monea Curl Defining Milk. It’s only PhP 95 in Watson’s. When applying hair cream, don’t flatten your curls on your palms. Do the twist and scrunch.

 Monea Curl Defining Milk


My hair after 1 month (without hair cream)

Tony & Jackey Digi Perm

My usual bed hair

Loreal Digital Perm - Tony & Jackey

After 2 months (with hair cream)

Digital Perm - Bangs Tony & Jackey

My curly tresses as of July 6, 2011

Tony and Jackey Digital Perm - Curls

Dearies, I had my hair cut short last September 2011. For those who are asking for the recent photos, these are until the first week of September.

I’m 80% satisfied with Tony & Jackey’s services. Tony and Jackey promos are still ongoing. Here’s the price list.

Tony & Jackey - Package Promo List

Bang’s Tony and Jackey Hair Salon
3rd Level, Annex Bldg., SM City North EDSA

Published: 2011-05-29 14:50:20


  1. Apple

    Did they use the octopus machine to curl your hair? Thanks!:)

    30 . May . 2011
    • Amethystine

      Yes they did 🙂

      30 . May . 2011
  2. patrisse

    i like your curl ate..
    i also want to curl my hair.. but my hair is rebonded..
    is it possible na ma curl sya? thans..

    30 . May . 2011
    • Amethystine

      Thanks! Pahabain mo muna then cut the rebonded hair off. It won’t work on rebonded hair kasi. 🙁

      31 . May . 2011
  3. mabeth

    wow. i want to perm my hair too! huhuhu! want to avail package D also. 5k?? ugh. worth it naman eh :/ 😛

    08 . Jun . 2011
    • Amethystine

      Hi mabeth! try the aqua setting, it’s only 3k. Okay din daw digi perm sa Beauty Brick salon 🙂

      08 . Jun . 2011
  4. classica samson

    hi there! im planning to have my hair be permed nextweek. it’s rebonded. but it’s already 6months since it was rebonded. i’ve read ur response from one of your messages and it says there that the digiperm won’t work with rebonded hair? is it true? 🙁 i’ve inquired to tony & jackey in smf but then they just asked if my hair is relaxed. i said no but it’s rebonded. they told me it’s just fine. also, a friend of mine who’s hair was also rebonded just underwent through digital perm and it worked. but i didn’t like the result that much coz the curls weren’t good in the picture.

    26 . Jun . 2011
    • Amethystine

      mas okay kung natural hair mo kasi mas matagal yung effect 🙂 but it’s up to you.

      27 . Jun . 2011
  5. charie

    ate. nagpalayers ka ba muna bago ngpaperm? ang ganda ksi nung itsura khit after 2 months.hanggang ngayon ba gnyan pa rin ung itsura di pa rin ngbgo? thanks in advance..sana mgreply ka.nkaperm na ksi ako pero traditional perm gusto ko itry ung digiperm..

    26 . Jun . 2011
    • Amethystine

      Hi! Yes, nagpa-haircut muna ako. Layered to be specific. I’ll update the post with my latest photo 🙂

      27 . Jun . 2011
  6. anne

    How long will it take before I can take a bath after the process? 🙂

    09 . Jul . 2011
    • Amethystine

      Hi anne! You have to wait 72 hours or 3 days.

      12 . Jul . 2011
  7. B Carson

    Oh my god i love you hair! now i thought of getting my own when i get back in the philippines next month. I just want to ask.. What if I had my hair colored within 3 days before getting the digital perm, do u think it will not cause my hair any damage? Thank you! and thank you too for inspiring me to get my hair done.

    16 . Jul . 2011
  8. Yka

    hi there! i would just like to ask if you i could dye my hair? it’s digitally permed also. it’s been a month already and i wanted to put some color on it. thanks! 🙂

    05 . Aug . 2011
    • Amethystine

      Hi Yka, yes you may dye your hair. After 2 months I have mine dyed :p

      18 . Sep . 2011
  9. permed

    Hello. I had my hair permed also and being a male. I don’t know much about shampoo maintenance for permed hair. May I know what shampoos and conditioners you used? Is it natural that the perm went out a few days later and after washing it, it returned?

    17 . Sep . 2011
    • Amethystine

      Hi! I use anti-dandruff shampoo to clean hair cream residue build-up and moisturizing conditioner for my conditioner (curly hair tends to be drier). Yes, it’s normal that your curls were straightened out and return after washing them. 🙂

      18 . Sep . 2011
  10. Hemme

    Hi! I’m planning to have my hair permed a month or two from now. My question is, will it work for a slight wavy hair like mine? Though I have my hair rebonded a year ago. Thanks 🙂

    25 . Sep . 2011
    • Amethystine

      Yes it will. My hair’s a bit wavy too, if cut shorter. 🙂

      27 . Sep . 2011
  11. lei

    Hi! I am planning to have my hair permed within this week. Is it possible if my hair will be curled like or slightly yours if mine was rebonded for 17months ago? Hope you can reply to the soonest. Thanks!

    10 . Oct . 2011
    • Amethystine

      hi! yes, more than a year is enough. 🙂

      12 . Oct . 2011
  12. lei

    one more, is it ok for the first timer to use the package B?

    10 . Oct . 2011
    • Amethystine

      sorry i can’t help you with that. it was also my first time ever to have my hair permed so i can’t compare packages.

      12 . Oct . 2011
  13. di

    hi! what hair cream or wax u use? 🙂 thnx! ill have this next week nakakaencourage yung picts mo.. looks good on u girl..:)

    10 . Oct . 2011
    • Amethystine

      i use monea hair defining milk. sa watsons meron for only 100 bucks. thanks!

      12 . Oct . 2011
  14. Toffee

    I’m planning t perm my hair, is it hard to maintain? I have my hair rebonded a yr ago… Do yo have ur latest pic of your hair in front view? Thank you, your response is much appreciated.;-)

    15 . Oct . 2011
    • Amethystine

      Hi Toffee! For me, it’s harder to maintain than the rebonded hair. I had to put on hair creams whenever I’ll go out kasi it’s a bit unruly if I won’t use them. Sorry I’ve already cut my hair a month ago. Super short na so I can’t show you any pic 🙁 If you haven’t tried it, I suggest you do. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience for me 🙂

      15 . Oct . 2011
  15. Ana

    Hello 🙂 do you know until whenis their promo? You’re hair is so nice, by the way. 😀 I want yours, but with different color. 🙂

    20 . Oct . 2011
    • Amethystine

      Hi Ana, I think the promo prices are up until now.

      24 . Oct . 2011
  16. nicolit

    helllo! can you post your latest picture because i also want to curl my hair.. Hoping for your reply. Thanks!

    10 . Nov . 2011
  17. Hemme

    Hi! It’s me again.. Do you have an idea how much will the half perm half rebond treatment will cost? Thanks! 🙂

    14 . Nov . 2011
  18. Diana

    Hi, rebonded kc hair q peo mg2years n xa. Pde ba kulot?and how much?kc ng ngtnong aq sa annex me 1500 n dgtal perm?

    21 . Oct . 2012
    • Amethystine

      Just make sure to cut off the rebonded hair. What salon is it?

      25 . Oct . 2012
  19. acylen’s been 8 months already na nagpa rebond ako..will it work ba kung magpadigiperm nagyon?…need help lng po kasi ba ka hindi mag work sa hair ko..thanks!!

    11 . Dec . 2012
    • Amethystine

      Hi! Almost one year na naman, I think it will work. 🙂

      12 . Dec . 2012
  20. Mae

    Do they still have these packages until now?

    31 . Oct . 2014
    • Shalene Rivera

      I guess so.

      17 . Mar . 2015
  21. ehm cabby your hair still curly?may i know what brand of shampoo and conditioner you are using? thanks!

    19 . Nov . 2014
    • Shalene Rivera

      Hi! My hair’s not curly anymore. 🙁 Right now I’m using Dove shampoo & Conditioner.

      20 . Nov . 2014
  22. Christine

    Hi! I also had my hair permed at T and j sa SM North last year. It retained it’s curls like yours din pero today I had mine cut off since it was growing too long and I don’t have the time to maintain it (e.g. pulled into a bun). I’m thinking of rebonding it naman. Hehe.

    29 . Nov . 2014

    I tried T & J’s digital perm. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me. My hair became super dry and frizzy.

    14 . Mar . 2016

Thanks for dropping by!

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