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Top Ten Reasons Why I Adore Rei




10. His motivation to succeed in life is highly contagious.
9. He gives his smile (& eyes?) to everyone but gives his heart to only one. Nyahaha!
9. He understands (and is patient about) my mood swings.
8. He introduced the words Reggae & Punk in my vocabulary.
7. He bears with may “kabagalan” in all things.
6. He lets his character die first in arcade shooting games by killing those who are about to attack me.. And then tells me later that the ones who die first are the more skilled shooters (pinapatay raw sila agad dahil magaling sila!)
5. His hands purposely serve as my trash bin.
4. He gives me that I-don’t-care-look in the grocery while saying with excitement, “Uy piscachos, masarap toh!
3. He patiently waits.. waits.. and waits.. until I show up an hour and a half late!
2. He never fails to make me smile & cry at the same time when he innocently says, “Masarap pa rin Chicken Joy.




1. ‘Cause his mere presence is a breath of fresh air.



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Published: 2008-05-21 11:29:00

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