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Trace and Erase Writing Boards for Kids from Apple’s Variety Shop


Writing Activities for Kids

It’s back to school season once again! My eldest has one week left to prepare while me and my bunso have already started with our homeschooling.

This week, I’ve been busy printing worksheets for Z and preparing homeschool activities for N. This school year is going to be a busy one for me since I will be formally homeschooling my special needs kid to prepare him for IEP next school year.

My eldest, Z, is now in 2nd grade so he needs to learn how to write in cursive. He has difficulties with fine motor skills so his handwriting looks awful, LOL. I told him that he needs to improve on it so I’ve downloaded a few cursive writing worksheets from for him to practice on.

At age 4, N still can’t color, draw, and write properly. That’s why I’m so glad that we received an eraseable writing board from Apple’s Variety Shop last week.

Apple’s Variety Shop’s trace and erase writing boards are perfect tools to help teach your kids how to write their names (yes they can customize and personalize), the alphabet, numbers, and even Chinese characters. Their writing boards are available in one size only (10″x7″), and with dotted lines or faded black lines so your kids can trace and erase.

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These erasable writing boards usually take 3 weeks to make because of high demand. πŸ™‚

You can personalize with your kids’ names, and they make writing boards in cursive too!

Writing Boards for Kids Customizable

I like how N can easily glide the marker onto the smooth surface. Happy learning! πŸ™‚ You can order your personalized writing boards from Apple’s Variety Shop.

Apple’s Variety Shop

Published: 2017-06-07 00:06:24

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