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Travel Essay: Here Are Tips For Writing It Well


Tips for Writing a Cogent Essay on Your Travel

Writing an essay about your best travel experience is one of the best forms of narrative writings. But just how do you make this genre of essay spicy and more engaging so that your readers get offended when they reach the last full stop? Read on to discover tips that will help you to excel in these assignments.


Give the Reader an Inside Perspective

The first tip that will help your essay to stand out and sound more cogent is giving the reader an inside perspective of the story. You need to ensure that this perspective is real, accurate, and reflective enough to engage their minds. At, we recommend that you also engage some good degree of research that will include reading before and after the trip so that the reader can get your experience from a factual position. This way, you will come from your positions of assumption to a level of engaging your mind creatively and accurately to benefit your readers.

Give It an Artful Transition

Since an essay about your best travel experience is a narrative, you need to pay attention to the way you transition it. Therefore, give your paper an artful transition from one theme to another to create a sense of wholeness in what you are narrating to them. This way, you will give your readers the muchneeded sense of place and the sense of who is carrying them through this journey. To achieve this, use descriptive prose to provide your readers with a larger context as you show them your personal state of mind, motives, and the situation at hand as you journey together through the essay.

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Give the Reader a Holistic Big Picture

To make your essay more cogent, start it with the big picture in mind and focus. This way, your readers will get a visual sense of location, a proper sense of direction from the start as well as knowing who their guide in the journey is.

Go Beyond the Story and Events

Writing a spicy travel essay requires you to go beyond just narrating a story and telling about events. You need to interweave these two to show the reader the lessons you learned and the surprises you encountered. For instance, if you visited the Maasai Mara in Kenya, you can show your readers how you were shocked to discover that contrary to your former assumptions that the Maasai are primitive and belligerent warlords, they are very welcoming and kind.

Don’t Tell Everything

Lastly, keep off the temptation of wanting to write everything. Don’t go into the daily encounters you had since they will not fit in a traditional fiveparagraph essay. Just give the reader the gist of what you encountered.

Writing a compelling essay about your travel is possible with proper practice and mastery of the principles that regulate it. With what we have shared, you can enhance your skills and take your proficiency to the next level.


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