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Underworld Blood Enemy




Underworld Prequel - Blood Enemy



If you enjoyed the “Underworld” movie series, you’ll love Underworld Blood Enemy – the prequel. The author is Greg Cox, a science fiction writer who has also written numerous Star Trek novels.

Underworld’s one of my fave vampire movies. It tells about a legendary blood feud between Vampires & Lycans (werewolves). In the movie there are flashbacks of ancient memories that are more significant than the war between the two races. The past intrigued me more than anything else.

Thanks to the Miriam College library, my hangout place during breaks when I was still a student. I spotted Selene’s face (Kate Beckinsale) on the book cover and couldn’t help myself checking it out. I almost thought the book was the first Underworld movie itself. But no, it’s the prequel – A story about the forbidden love of a Lycan servant and a Vampire princess – Lucian & Sonja.

The Lycans were the daylight guardians of the vampires. They protect the vampires when disasters and conquests happens during the day. Lucian, who was a faithful servant to the vampires, despises the barbaric behavior of his fellow Lycans. And his admiration with his masters led him to fall in love with the daughter of the strongest vampire of all, Viktor.

I’ll just share my fave piece from the book: The vampires were being attacked during broad daylight. They have no way to escape because the sun will burn them to ashes as soon as they set one foot outside of their fortress. So they were trapped. In order for Lucian to get Sonja out of the place, he rolled her with a carpet, encased her there, and took her somewhere safe outside.

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If you have watched Underworld, you already know how their love story ended. But the book is still worth your time. The story flow shifts interestingly from past to present, just like in the film with the flashbacks. And you have yet to know this mystery assassin who’s throwing attacks on both clans, just days before the train encounter in the movie.



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