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Using Lasers and Other Forms of Skin Tightening Instead of Surgery


An unhealthy or unappealing complexion is never a good thing. After all, your skin’s outer beauty is a reflection of your own inner beauty and health. Unfortunately, skin problems are going to pop up as you age. The trick is handling them quickly and properly, and surgery is not always the easiest or best option. Here are some alternatives.

You Can Cover Minor Blemishes with Makeup

Many skin issues aren’t hazardous to your health. They might just be a little embarrassing for you. If you have such an issue, you definitely don’t need a drastic treatment like surgery. The fact is that a little makeup can go a long way towards covering the problem. Just be sure to remove all of your makeup before bed. Otherwise it can clog your skin pores and create worse skin problems in the future.

You Can Try Using Retinoid Creams or Lotions

Retinoid creams are basically prescription medicated creams and lotions that contain retinol. You can also get over the counter versions, but they aren’t as potent. The medicated creams can increase collagen levels in your skin cells quickly. That tightens the skin up a bit.

Usually retinoid creams are best used to either prevent wrinkles from happening in the first place or repair minor wrinkles that already exist. If your wrinkles are more advanced, they may not work for you. You might have to look for other alternatives like laser treatment machines instead.


What Lasers Can Do for Your Skin

There are multiple types of lasers on the market today, including ablative and non-ablative versions. All of them can improve skin health, but they work in different ways. They are capable of treating crows feet and other fine lines. Some of them can also treat deeper wrinkles, scars, and blemishes.

The tricky thing is that lasers don’t usually come with the potential for harsh side effects, but some of them shouldn’t be used on certain types of skin. So, if you’re looking into having a laser treatment, be sure to consult some skincare experts for advice ahead of time.

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Other Alternatives to Tighten and Clear Up Your Skin

Your options don’t stop at creams, lasers, or surgery. You also have other alternatives. Among them are fillers, which include things like Botox injections and hyaluronic acid injections. Rather than encouraging your body to repair itself or tightening your skin, filler treatments just fill in the space. They can be used to repair things like sunken cheeks quickly, but the results may only be temporary.

You can also use chemical peels and microdermabrasion to clear up your skin. Technically they are not skin tightening treatments. However, they both remove the outer layers of skin, which tend to be loose and dead. When the lower, live layers are revealed, they should look healthier and tighter. So, in that sense they can be considered skin tightening procedures. Just be aware that the two procedure types are very different from one another. They also each have more potential side effects than other treatments, such as lasers or medicated creams.

Regardless of the treatment you choose, the point is to avoid jumping into the idea of having surgery, especially if it’s really not even necessary. That being said, there are situations where surgery may be required. So, you should never make a final decision without talking to your dermatologist or doctor.

Published: 2016-05-13 20:05:37

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