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Vikings Buffet Dinner with my Mom


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It was a well-deserved dinner feast for my mom and for me as well at Vikings Buffet, December last year at SM City North EDSA. It was mom’s first time so she was really excited to sample the dishes.

Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish cuisines filled up my first plate. I had salmon nigiri, tuna sashimi, assorted sushi, dumplings, rice (cooked with veggies and a bit of cream), and garlic butter potatoes. Every time I go to buffets, I always make sure to eat some rice first before sampling all the dishes. You know, less chances of my tummy getting into chaos.

Vikings Buffet Philippines

Mom tagged along to the food stations I went to so she also had sushi, dumplings, rice, and sauteed Chinese broccoli on her plate. She told me that if she would be allowed to change her lifestyle, she’ll only eat veggies and fish. I’m a carnivorous omnomnivore so she would always say, “Huwag ka nga masyado sa karne!”  🙂 I wasn’t able to take a photo of our plate filled with roast beef, lechon, and turkey.

Vikings Buffet Review

I was craving for a soup fest so I requested for a [hot] pot on our table. We had meat, greens, noodles, fish balls and fish cakes, and tofu in our hot pot.

Vikings Buffet SM North

I had sushi again on my second plate. I’m a certified sushivore too, by the way. Even though [sushi] rice normally sit heavy in the stomach, I still feel that my food trip wouldn’t be complete without it.

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I developed an addiction to their chicken liver skewers in such a short period of time. I suffer from iron-deficiency anemia so I didn’t hesitate to go back two or three more times to get more chicken liver.

Vikings Buffet Birthday Promo

For my third plate, I only took sample sizes because I was already full. Aside from chicken liver, I also had baked/roasted tomato with cheese and herbs, fish eggs, Lengua in mushroom sauce, Oyster Rockefeller, salmon (canape?), and fish fillet.

Vikings Buffet Promo

Mommy’s pahabol plate of apple salad, orange slices, siopao, and nachos.

Vikings Buffet Restaurant

For dessert, I had bubblegum mousse, red velvet cheese cake, and white chocolate fondue.

Vikings Buffet SM North EDSA

I always make sure na hindi ako lugi sa buffets so just when we were about to leave, I grabbed a cup of frozen yogurt and topped it with ube, corn kernels, gulaman, banana, beans, and cornflakes.

Vikings Buffet Promo Price

Vikings Luxury Buffet is my favorite buffet place because I think the food is worth the price, and I get to choose from a variety of mouthwatering local and international cuisines. The restaurant also exhibits a hotel-like ambiance.

I’m glad that I was able to share great conversations over food with my mom and I look forward to having more bff dates with her.

Vikings Luxury Buffet Restaurant

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