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Vikings Luxury Buffet for my 28th Birthday


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My husband and I had an amazing omnomnom dinner buffet last March 13 at Vikings Luxury Buffet. The waiting line is usually long at the SM City North EDSA branch but surprisingly that day, we didn’t have to wait that long to be seated. I presented my ID to the restaurant receptionist to avail of their birthday promo, so yes, I got to binge eat for free! The birthday promo requires one full paying adult, so grab your friend, your partner, or (insert name here) to get your slot for free.

I almost hesitated to take photos of the place, but my inner blogger self told me to do so (for a moment there I sounded like Anastasia of FSOG!) I think I only photographed a quarter or half of the food stations.

If I’m going to describe Vikings Luxury Buffet in one or two words, it is ‘Gastronomic Heaven.” It’s the largest luxury buffet in the country, featuring European, Asian, and American cuisines. The Vikings (seamen with large appetites) are well-known for their grandiose celebrations and I felt like one myself after the food coma experience.


Vikings Luxury Buffet Review

The dessert station is overflowing with bread, chocolate fondue, cakes, pastries, sweets, and more sweets.

Vikings Luxury Buffet Rate

My favorite part of the resto, Japanese cuisine. If you love Japanese food, you can also try Yakimix Buffet.

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Vikings Buffet Review

Beef Tenderloin, Lamb, Turkey, and the pride of all Foodiepinos – Lechon! The Lechon Butuan and Turkey are excellent, but the remaining two tasted so-so.

Vikings Luxury Buffet SM North

The plate selfie. I only had two to three rounds and I mainly ate Japanese food – loads of assorted sushi (including hand rolled sushis), chawan mushi (must try!), and sashimi. I wasn’t able to check out their Italian section, bummer!

Vikings Buffet SM North

The husband enjoyed the feast as much as I did. His choice of noms is seafood – grilled fish, grilled squid, and seafood hotpot. He had crepes for dessert. He placed a couple more plates on our table but I didn’t get to use the camera. Eating > Documenting, y’know.

Vikings Buffet Philippines

My husband loved the Oyster Rockefeller. I, on the contrary, is a self-confessed oyster-phobe.

Vikings Buffet Restaurant Philippines

I would kill for their Lime Cheesecake. It’s creamy and smooth and heavenly. A perfect sweet and sour combo. I also had Red Velvet Cheesecake and Chocolate Mousse Trifle.

Vikings Buffet Philippines Rates

When we were finished and about to leave, the staff began distributing birthday cakes. A few minutes later and there were birthday cakes everywhere. I’ve been in the same room with the people who shares my birthday. Hello Guinness World Records!

Vikings Birthday Promo SM North

It was my special day and I didn’t care if I’m an ugly 4-eyed mom wearing mismatched clothes. I’m more worried about the food and I hoped that it won’t disappoint our palates.

We were not disappointed. The PhP 888 rate per person is worth it.

Vikings Buffet Manila


Vikings Luxury Buffet Restaurant

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