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Mariah Carey is one lucky lady for having a walk-in shoes wardrobe. I envy her.. shoes. My walk-in closet is taking too long to come true so I have to find a decent shoe organizer at least. We have a plastic rack that hubby and I share. You know how men’s shoes are, big and bulky. Hubby owns a couple of skate shoes so they occupy a much larger space. My dear “shoeses” (as I use to call them) are being displaced and are now wanderers in our small apartment.

I used to own 30+ pairs of shoes when I was younger, not even a fraction close to Madame Imelda Marcos‘s one thousand and sixty. Now I only have ten, or less. I only buy shoes that I think will suit my lifestyle so they won’t be left alone inside boxes for long periods of time.

I often wear heels before but I’ve fallen in love with flats and slippers. You know how others sacrifice comfort for fashion? Well, I don’t. So I give away or dispose anything that’s Louboutin-high and uncomfy.


My dress addiction made me realize that I need some sole searching. First, I missed out on the basics: neutral colored sandals in black, browns, and greys, black or white pumps, and nude colored wedges. I’ve been wanting to wear dresses each time I leave the house but I can’t seem to find shoes perfect for them. I’m sure that neutrals can go with just about anything in my wardrobe so I need to invest in them.

Second, I don’t own any glam pair. By glam, I mean Katy Perry and Dita Von Teese kind of glam. I don’t go to parties or night outs a lot so I think buying one is a waste of money and space. But now that I’ve thought about it, I might get one for emergencies. Well, just for emergencies.

  Trendy Parisian Shoes by SM Department Store

And the third one is.. I just don’t love them as much as I did before. They’re far behind everything else and I don’t give a damn if they get lost somewhere. I definitely need a shoe makeover but first I need a shoe organizer.

Clear Shoeboxes by The Clear Shoebox Project

These clear boxes are great for storage and display purposes. Pretty neat, huh? Sales are currently on hold for they are undergoing product changes. Leave them your email add to get updates. Price: Php 100 – 150 per box


The Clear Shoebox Project

Shoe Wheel Shoe Storage and Organization by HSN

This looks like a lot of fun but I will be also needing lotsa space. Price: USD $60.00

Shoe Wheel Shoe Rack

Melamine Shoe Cube by Get Organized

Cute cubbies but I don’t want a pair stacked up together like this. Price: USD $50.00

Melamine Shoe Cube

DIY Shoe Rack made from Pipes by Jost Litzen

Very unique! If I’ll have mine customized, I’ll paint the drain pipes in pastel colors. 🙂

Shoe rack made of Pipes

7-Bin Storage Tower by The Container Store

This Italian design organizer is an eye candy. It holds anything from crafts and office supplies to shoes, books, and accessories.

7-Bin Shoe Tower

DIY Demi Closet by Domino Mag

I love the idea of hanging shoes this way and the curtain effect is lovely.

DIY Demi Closet Shoe Rack

Underbed Shoe Organizer

Avon has one similar to this and it really helps save space.

Underbed Shoe Organizer

Shoe rack on stairs? Or rather, under the stairs. Genius or ridiculous?

Shoe Organizer on Stairs

If you know where I can find quality and affordable shoe organizers other than these, please let me know. I want to end my shoe dilemma as soon as possible.

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Published: 2011-11-09 19:28:44


  1. Ces

    I like the DIY Demi Closet. I used to like high heel shoes before, but now I’m more into flats and sandals. I still love wedges, though. 🙂

    15 . Nov . 2011
    • Amethystine

      Same here. Cool idea, kung may space nga lang 🙂

      19 . Nov . 2011

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