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WAV Instore Radio Creates the Ideal Soundscape for your Business


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WAV Instore Radio by WAV Atmospheric Branding has been helping businesses improve customer experience and promote brand awareness through an instore radio. Its two powerful features, personalized music and customized messaging, never fail to hit all the right spots, as a result turning a simple visit into an unforgettable experience.

WAV Instore Radio Philippines

Have you ever dined at a restaurant then noticed that their music is on loop, and that you’ve been hearing the same songs over and over again for over an hour? Did you ever stay in a hotel lobby long enough to notice that something’s amiss with the atmosphere, perhaps the harsh background music clashes with the serenity of the place?

According to John Wooden, “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” In business, it is unwise to only focus on the big issues and leave out the little details because at the end of the day, these seemingly unimportant things can make a big difference.

Since it’s going to be summer in a month or two, imagine this scenario instead. You’re checking out a new beach shop at the mall. The store is furnished with beach-themed decorations and you’re walking on sand-like floors. While admiring the interiors, your eyes caught that lovely summer dress hanging in one corner. You grabbed the dress at once and found yourself heading to the fitting room. You allowed the soothing beach sounds take you to a new place as the dress slides perfectly on your body. The air surprisingly smells like the ocean. “It must be the dress”, you thought, but then you realized that the whole area bears the same oceanic scent. The ambience reminds you of your travels. While you’re paying for your purchase, you heard through the radio about a new collection coming soon. You mentally plan your next visit as you look at a digital screen on the wall, knowing for the very first time the store’s history and brand legacy.

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The scenario above shows a perfect example of how a well put-together ambience directly or indirectly affects consumer behaviors. If a store’s brand and mission is intact and powerful, it’s more likely that customers will give a positive feedback. Listening to great music and good deals while you shop definitely enhances the experience.

WAV instore radio comes with a personalized music selection. The kind of music to be played within the store’s premises will be intelligently picked out to compliment the store’s concept and match its target market. There is also the Customized Messaging feature wherein announcements like promos, event news, and product launches, can be aired to inform customers about the latest happenings for the brand.

WAV Atmospheric Branding has already been awarded Most Outstanding Non-Traditional Advertising and Marketing Service Provider at the Global Products Excellence Awards. The company has provided customized music and messaging to reputable brands and businesses in the Philippines including Ayala Malls, Shopwise, Wendy’s, Chatime, JCO Donuts & Coffee, and Royal Touch.


WAV Atmospheric Branding Philippines

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