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WAV Scent Marketing: Hotels Entice Guests with Fragrance


If you were asked to describe your last hotel experience, it would start with a journey primarily of sights – extravagant lobby decor, cozy room ambiance, and great outdoor scenery (visit Your next words could be about the soundscape, from the quietness of your bedroom to the crashing of the waves on the beach. The soft and silky bed linens and the coldness of the marble-tiled bathrooms have appealed to your sense of touch, while your entire gastronomic experience from the last three days aroused your palate in more ways than one.

What’s [always] missing when depicting a hotel experience is the sense of smell. It is often underrated but its effect can be powerful if activated in a positive way. It is often true that hotels and other accommodations make sure that guestrooms are regularly cleaned to get rid of any off-putting stench, but doing so is not enough for guests to establish a deeper connection with the brand.

Marriot Hotel Manila
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More and more businesses compete for consumer attention so brand identity is more critical than ever. Brands, including hotels, are now establishing a strong and enduring relationship with their consumers through targeting the senses. They are mostly successful targeting the 4 senses, but what’s often left out is the sense of smell.

WAV Atmospheric Branding: Expert in Scent Marketing

Today, luxury hotels and resorts around the world are working with scent branding agencies to come up with unique scents or signature fragrances. By doing so, they up the ante of hotel branding and customer satisfaction.

WAV Scent Marketing
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A uniquely-crafted perfume, which infuses rooms and open spaces of hotels, does not only influence a guest’s perception of the establishment but also transforms a brand into a multi-sensory experience. This exclusive, signature scent created only for a hotel creates an opportunity to foster an emotional bond with the guests.

WAV Atmospheric Branding collaborates with their clients to craft unique signature scents. They are experts in Scent Marketing, also known as Aroma Branding, and they use it as a tool for improving brand recall recognition. They also provide the healthiest, most effective, and safest diffusion method available in the market today.

Their growing list of clients include Casablanca, L’Fisher, Marriott Hotel Manila, Nuvali, Power Mac, San Diego Mactan, Y2, The Bayleaf Intramuros, The Bellevue Alabang, and The Picasso Boutique.

Aside from Scent Marketing, WAV Atmospheric Branding is dedicated to maximize brand awareness through its other services — Instore Radio, Audio Video Installation, and Digital Signages.


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Published: 2014-12-04 15:45:11

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