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What to Love in Apple’s New iPhone 5



Steve Jobs may have left, but the legacy continues. Apple announced yesterday the release of the newiPhone 5. Many of us have been wondering if Apple would succeed on making notable improvements this time.  So, here are the 6 exciting key features of the iPhone 5, just in case you haven’t heard of the news yet.






Thinner and Lighter. iPhone 5 is said to be 18% thinner, 20% lighter, and 12% less volume than its predecessor, iPhone 4S. It now only weighs 112 grams and was made 9mm taller. This is simply great news to everyone who loves light and sleek mobile phones. Bonus: New slim connector too!

Apple iPhone 5 Thinner and Lighter



4-inch Retina Display. Its bigger screen (but using the same width as the iPhone 4S) features a 4-inch retina display. It allows you to see everything in a larger canvas. The color display is more vivid too with 18% more pixels (1136-by-640 resolution) and 44% more color saturation. Now that makes playing games, reading iBooks, and watching movies more enjoyable.

 Apple iPhone 5 Retina Display

A6 Chip. The new chip allows for faster performance and faster loading of graphics. Who would want slow running phones anyway? The iPhone 4S uses the A5 chip and this one promises to be twice as fast, with battery life to spare.

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Apple iPhone 5 A6 Chip

8-megapixel iSight camera with Panorama. The new Panorama feature lets you take panoramic photos anytime, anywhere. You can capture up to 240 degrees with a high-resolution of up to 28 megapixels. The basic Camera app also improved with regards to photo capture (40% faster), light performance, and noise reduction.


Apple iPhone 5 iSight Camera Panorama

iOS6. I do get excited with software updates. iOS6, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, is installed in every iPhone 5. What to love? The improved built-in apps that go with it.


Apple iPhone 5 iOS6

Apple EarPods. Am I the only one who have problems with earphones falling off altogether, each and every time? Now the new Apple EarPods feel comfortable to use by a variety of ear types, while staying – yes STAYING – inside. Of course, not only the earphones were improved but also the overall audio experience.


Apple iPhone 5 EarPods


Who’s excited to own an iPhone 5? Make sure you check out the complete tech specifications on 🙂


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