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Women’s Guide to Dressing Up for Formal Occasions


When invited to formal occasions and special events, looking fabulous isn’t so hard at all. However, there are guidelines which can help you get through the preparation stage more smoothly.

  • Always follow dress codes. They are there for a reason, and you wouldn’t want to get caught to be the only person not following the rules. So take note of dress codes and special requests, and try to work around it when you’re searching for the right outfit to wear. If you’re not sure what dress to wear, ask the person who sent you the invitation. You turning up wearing a ball gown when all of your friends are in cocktail dresses can result in a major embarrassment.
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  • Decide on a dress style. You can choose from a variety of silhouettes, hemlines, necklines, sleeve length, colors, and fabrics. After you have considered the dress code, decide what formal dress flatters your body the most. If you don’t feel like revealing your gams, choose from a wide selection of styles for long formal dresses. If your shoulders are your best asset, show them off with a tube top. For charming dresses for any special occasion, check out this formal dresses Australia website.
  • Style your hair to compliment your dress. One week before the special day, experiment on hairstyles to see what looks best with your dress, frame, etc. You may adorn your hair with jewels, feathers, and laces, or just leave it hanging loose.
  • Choose your accessories wisely. Don’t go overboard with jewelry. Choose a clutch that compliments your dress. Your pair of shoes should be both stunning and comfortable.
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  • Wear event-appropriate make-up. It is recommended that you hire a professional to do your make-up, if you’re not confident to do it yourself. You might want to follow some tips from professionals, like focusing on your eyes or lips (but never both), wearing a foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone, etc.
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  • Show up well-groomed. If you need to pluck your eyebrows, do it at least 6 hours beforehand. You may also consider getting your eyebrows professionally waxed/shaped. Get a manicure-pedicure to make nails neat and clean. When you deodorize, make sure that it’s invisible, especially if you’re wearing black. And don’t forget to show up with clean teeth and fresh breath.

Last tip: Walk confidently and show your best self. And even if the event doesn’t turn out to be awesome as you’d hope, each occasion has its own highs and lows, and that’s what makes it special.


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