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Read the Bible with YouVersion Mobile App


Reading the entire Bible is part of my bucket list. I first planned to read it when I was still in high school but I always get stuck in Genesis. LOL. Right now I’m very much proud of myself because I’m already in book 2, Exodus (yay!), and I owe it to the YouVersion Bible App for Android.
YouVersion Bible App
YouVersion Bible Reading Plans
I started the Canonical Bible Reading Plan this year. For me, choosing a whole bible plan and reading the book from beginning to end is the real deal, unlike when you’re presented with only chosen verses per day. It became a daily reading challenge and since I only get to finish a few chapters and verses a day, it doesn’t take so much of my time. I’m a busy mom and I’m more focused with keeping my preschooler entertained around the house.
It’s also more convenient to read with my Galaxy Note cellphone’s wider screen and I don’t get an excuse not to open the app because I have my phone with me 24/7. I recommend that you install the app in all of your gadgets – mobile phones, tablets, notebooks (you can read online, just log in to their website) – so you can easily follow through or catch up with your readings.

YouVersion Bible App - Canonical Reading Plan
Screenie from my phone. 🙂
I also get to choose the Bible version I prefer. I use the NKJV (New King James Version) but it would also be great to have the NWT (New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures) if it’s only available in the list. I had bookmarked a few of my favorite verses from the NKJV so I can easily find them when needed.

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YouVersion Bible App Reading Plan

Hopefully, after finishing the whole book this 2013, I will choose personal or family reading plans for 2014 with topics about love and commitment, marriage, and parenting. Seriously, it’s not too late for everyone to get inspired with one of the oldest books in human history, the Holy Bible.

Published: 2013-01-25 16:33:53

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