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New pH Care Naturals Intimate Wash in Papaya and Guava


I LOVE receiving gifts, especially personalized ones! I was touched upon seeing my initials imprinted on the box, but I was more surprised when I saw the gift inside. 🙂

PH Care Naturals

I would always prefer to purchase all-natural products — may it be food, health supplements, and even personal care and beauty products. pH Care, a trusted intimate wash brand, has finally bottled up nature’s wonders through two popularly used ingredients, Papaya and Guava leaves.

The all-new pH Care Naturals line in pH Care Naturals Papaya and pH Care Naturals Guava expertly combined the properties of these winning natural ingredients with their mild and effective intimate care products. pH Care has a mild and gentle formulation, making it safe for everyday use. You can be assured of natural care “down there”, para fresh and clean na, odor-free pa!

PH Care Naturals Papaya

pH Care Naturals Papaya

Papaya is known for its whitening properties. With PH Care Naturals Papaya, there’s no need to be self-conscious about having dark skin in and around the feminine area. While other whitening products aren’t safe or suited for use in intimate areas, PH Care Naturals Papaya uses natural ingredients that are safe and effective. The active ingredient is papaya extract (I love its fresh, fruity scent), so expect to get fairer skin in as early as 14 days. Ladies, we can finally don that swimsuit with confidence! 🙂

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pHCare Papaya_50mL

pH Care Naturals Guava

Guava leaf extract is known for its cleansing and anti-bacterial properties, that’s why the use of it as intimate care is a traditionally renowned practice passed on from generation to generation. PH Care Naturals Guava has a refreshing, citrus-y scent that will make you feel confident and protected all day long. Say goodbye to discomfort, odor, and infection! 🙂

pHCare Guava_50ml

The NEW! pH Care Naturals Intimate Wash is available for PhP 49.50 (50mL) and PhP 104 (150mL) at leading supermarkets, drugstores, and beauty stores. For social media sharing, use #pHCareNaturals #NaturalCare.


pH Care

Published: 2015-10-04 21:50:56

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