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Pizza Niro’s 30 Inch Pizza




“Amazing” was all I can say during my officemate’s birthday when she surprised us with a gigantic treat from Pizza Niro! It was my first time to have seen a 30 inch pizza and I’m crazy to have it photographed!



30 inch thin crust “Margherita Pizza” topped with tomato sauce and mozarella cheese!
(Prices start at
Php 900 – Php 1,500 for Niro’s 30″ pizza)


Margherita consists of tomato sauce and mozarella only. The taste is “okay”, enough for a group of hungry non-picky eaters, and the price is cheap. Additional points for the thin and crispy crust yet they still have to work on their toppings. Better tasting variants are Primavera and Napoli. These are great if you want to wow your family and friends.

I still prefer Yellow Cab, Sbarro, Cibo, John & Yoko, and Pizza Hut when it comes to gourmet pizza though.

Pizza Niro
G/F, Ayala Dela Rosa 1 Carpark, Dela Rosa St. (Near Perea St.), Makati City, Metro Manila
Call 387-7395 / 893-3565



Published: 2009-08-27 22:35:00

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