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Street Food We Love at Quezon Memorial Circle


I enjoy being a Northern girl because honestly, the north is a food haven. We have great restos in Maginhawa and Kapitolyo, a number shopping malls with good places to dine in, and street food vendors that can be found practically everywhere – at every corner, in every street.

Classes were suspended last Monday due to bad weather conditions so me and my family went to visit QC Memorial Circle to pig out and go Pokemon hunting. I also wanted to test my new Huawei P9 mobile phone.

First up, taho. Taho is probably one of my favorite street food that I can chow down a cup (or two!) anytime of the day, everyday! It’s made of fresh soft tofu topped with cameralized brown sugar (arnibal) and small sago pearls.

I encourage my kids to drink taho every morning because it’s an excellent source of calcium and omega-3 fatty acids.

Because the weather that day was unpredictable, some of the food stalls were closed. Luckily, one was still open and they had Kwek-kwek. My kids always go egg-crazy eating this popular street food, but I always remind them not to eat more than 5 pieces to stay away from egg allergy.

Kwek kwek

According to an article I’ve read before, the name ‘kwek-kwek’ is derived from the sound of chirping birds. Kwek-kwek is cooked by frying quail eggs that are coated with bright orange batter. The grown-up version of this is the ‘tokneneng’ wherein larger chicken eggs are used.

I don’t usually soak my kwek-kwek in vinegar (I can’t stand the smell of it). Who’s with me?

Kwek kwek QC Circle

Walking around Quezon Memorial Circle was a bit tiring so we searched for Buko Juice (or coconut juice) to quench our thirst. Coconut water is refreshing and healthy (contains electrolytes and minerals), and it’s affordable too. I normally buy the ones that are served in the shell.

Buko Juice

My kids found another one of their favorites when we passed by sari-sari stores lined up on one side of the walkway. I never believed that Dirty Ice Cream or sorbetes coming from colorful carts are, well, dirty. So once in a while, I allow my kids to indulge.

Dirty Ice Cream

Dirty Ice Cream Chocolate

Of course, I bought one for myself! Aside from the ice cream flavors, the colorful cones are a hit with the kids too.

Street Food Quezon City

Our main goal for that day was to catch some Pokemon so after buying ice cream, we headed to PokeStops where a lot of lure parties are currently on the roll. It was so easy for me to play Pokemon Go using mobile data and GPS because Huawei P9’s processor is fast enough to get the game going.

Then we saw a cart filled with green mangoes and we couldn’t help but crave that strong sour taste of unripe mangoes. Manggang Hilaw is usually served with bagoong. Yum!

Green Mangoes Street Food

I love how easy it is to shoot gorgeous photos with Huawei P9’s Leica dual lens camera. The photos featured here [in this blog post] were shot using the Professional mode, and I love the results! The photos looked like they were taken using a DSLR.

Hilaw na Mangga

I also couldn’t believe that it’s so easy to get the bokeh effect with the Huawei P9! All I did was to activate the ‘camera lens’ icon on top (used for taking photos with a shallow depth of field; recommended for shooting people/objects within 2 meters), touch the screen to choose my subject, click, and voila!

Cotton Candy Cart


Cotton Candy QC Circle Street Food


Manong working his magic to form a sweet spun of sugar. Cotton candy in the streets gives children a happy, carnival-ish feeling.


Cotton Candy

Huawei P9 made my street food adventure even more special because each clear picture taken tells a story of how we Filipinos, up until this day, value our food heritage as reflected in our traditional local cultures. Each photo made me realize that I owe so much to these street vendors. My childhood became more fun and colorful, just like the yummy ready-to-eat food they offer everyday.

For me, photos are more than just art. Photos send out powerful messages and evokes different emotions from all spectators. True enough, Huawei P9’s Leica dual lens camera helped me change the way I see the world.

Huawei P9 Camera

It was indeed a fun-filled day: caught a bunch of Pokemon, spent quality time with my kids, had an exciting food trip, and captured a few meaningful moments through photography. On the way home, I was thinking about eating barbecue and isaw after dinner. 🙂

Published: 2016-08-25 11:36:03


  1. Michi (@michisolee)

    What a nice street food trip, busog na hindi pa malaki gastos. I love taho, too bad walang naglalako dito sa amin. I love cotton candy, sa church may nagtitinda niyan sa labas so we buy from time to time. 🙂

    15 . Nov . 2016
    • Amethystine

      True. Tipid pero masaya! 🙂

      22 . Nov . 2016
  2. Nerisa

    I love eating street foods (though not always). Aside from kwekkwek, I like the barbeque stalls which sells isaw and the likes. This is a very good bonding time with your family e.

    15 . Nov . 2016
    • Amethystine

      Kami rin, minsan lang. 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog!

      22 . Nov . 2016
  3. gilian

    Love and miss all these street foods. ? Huawei is using Leica?! 🙂 hmmm. Nice lens. Now I want to check it out. 🙂 I’ve been eyeing on a Leica camera lately. 🙂

    16 . Nov . 2016
    • Amethystine

      Yes, Leica dual lens. 🙂

      22 . Nov . 2016
  4. nilyncartagena

    This is what I love about QCMC, dami foods plus less gastos! Mejo matagal na rin kaming di nakakabalik jan, lol. Wow at Huawei P9’s camera! Awesome photos! I joined Nuffnang’s contest for that but didn’t win, so, haha.

    16 . Nov . 2016
    • Amethystine

      Loving the P9’s camera so far! I’m one of the few lucky ones who got to review a P9 for free 🙂

      22 . Nov . 2016
  5. Melisa Centino Sanchez

    That’s why my family and I we love Quezon City Circle. Talagang ginawa naming tambayan ang coconut house jan. I love the taho also after mag play at takbo takbo ng toddler ko punta agad kami sa bukohan. I like your photos sis.

    16 . Nov . 2016
    • Amethystine

      Kami rin, malapit lang kasi sa Circle. Thanks! 🙂

      22 . Nov . 2016
  6. Anna “Mommy Anna” Plaida

    This is what my son looking for a park that we can stroll and have some street foods. Ewan ko ba dito sa South puro malls and condo. Nice experience with the kids

    17 . Nov . 2016
    • Amethystine

      The south has its perks din naman.. :p Yun lang dadayo ka pa talaga ng malayo for street food 🙂

      22 . Nov . 2016
  7. Mhaan Arambulo (@momyrockinstyle)

    Never been to QCMC though it’s just few kilometers from our house hehehe. I heard it’s a nice place to jog aside from UP and they also have free zumba every weekends. Natakam ako sa mangga!

    06 . Dec . 2016

Thanks for dropping by!

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