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Benefit Lyin’ Eyes Concealer Review






Benefit Lyin Eyes Concealer



Meet my new bff, Benefit Lyin’ Eyes Concealer. Mom sort of “tossed” this thing to me a few weeks ago. What destiny.



Benefit Lyin’ Eyes Brush-On Concealer decently covers up dark circles and brightens up the eye area. It has a sheer coverage (more natural-looking) and I don’t need to do touch-ups during the day. It hides the shadows perfectly but does not cover the darkness completely. I’ll leave that stuff to a more hard-working concealer.

The liquid has a creamy consistency and it blends well with my skin tone. To use, you have to turn-click the bottom part. One to three turns/clicks are enough. Don’t get clicker happy though or you’ll end up having too much.



Concealer Tips:

  • Make sure the concealer matches your complexion.
  • Apply moisturizer before applying concealer.
  • Dab gently using your fourth finger.
  • Don’t tug on the skin around the eyes. It will result to more wrinkles.
  • Sheer concealers give a more natural look.
  • Apply sparingly. It shouldn’t be cakey or thick.
  • To set your concealer, lightly brush over with a sheer translucent powder.




Awake and fresh-looking eyes in an instant. (No face powder yet)

With concealer                                  No concealer

Benefit Lyin Eyes Concealer Review



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Benefit Lyin' Eyes Concealer

Published: 2012-02-06 14:03:55

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